Still more Xbox disc shennanigans

So I pick up a copy of Soul Calibur II and a copy of NBA Ballers on the weekend.

Neither of those games work on my Xbox: I get audio, but the video is all scrambled. The games work fine on the consoles here at work. My setup: Xbox, high def AV pack (with digital audio out and Monster cables all around) and a Samsung HDTV. My concern – less than a week away from the expiry of my warranty – is that the Xbox is on the way south.

So I call the friendly peeps at Xbox and they tell me it’s a known issue that some games just won’t work on rear-projection HDTVs. Except they don’t know which games, and which TVs. If I want to play these games, I need to switch to the standard AV cables. Sorry, have a nice day, thank you for calling Xbox.

This strikes me as untenable. Every other game I have works beautifully in HD (if supported) on my setup. Has anyone heard of this before? Any suggestions on actions I should take, or should I just STFU?

I had a similar problem with soul calibur 2. For me it that I had turned on an output on the x-box that my tv didn’t support. In my case 720p, while my tv would only do 1080i. Once I turned off the 720p video looked normal again. Many apologies if you have already thought of this. When I set mine up I didn’t know for sure what my tv supported so just turned them all on, and it wasn’t until sc 2 that I had an issue.

You’re my hero, gnmarsh.

I had all formats turned on as well. With 720p turned off, both Soul Calibur 2 and NBA Ballers work fine.

Shame the three people I spoke with at Xbox support didn’t think to advise me on this. :roll:

Many thanks.