Strange Brigade's reinforcements are starting to arrive

If one of your questions when you started up Strange Brigade was “Can I be a cowboy?”, you were in for disappointment...

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Is this the game with the “Canadian” woman with an accent from Lancaster running around in a world that is a Tomb Raider ripoff…{cough}…homage…with Fortnite silliness sprinkled on top, that Tom’s been streaming for the last month straight, @marquac ?

Tom! Patrick’s being mean!!!

The streams of this game looked fantastic. Only thing holding me back at this point is that every review/stream and all buzz seems to be about the game being best suited for co-op play.

But man does it know its theme and do it well.

Also known as “Tuesday”.

I can’t imagine why. It’s not like the characters have complementary powers or anything. Frankly, it doesn’t seem any more suited for co-op than any really good shooter, but I wouldn’t know, since I’ve been enjoying it entirely as single-player. Am I the only one playing? Anyone want to try co-op? Seems like the horde mode gets ridiculously challenging single-player, so I guess that’s probably where co-op would help.


I’ve enjoyed the little I’ve played solo , though I am still on the first mission.

Never buy 3 games in the same week.