Strange musical request

There is a type of music I’m having trouble finding, and I’m hoping some of you might have some good suggestions.

I’m looking for songs with choir-like vocal tracks. I’m not talking gospel, opera or high school musical type stuff, but stuff more akin to choir tracks over dark rock songs and the like, stuff similar to:

Zero-Sum on the Year Zero album by Nine in Nails. Even though it just sounds like a layered Trent vocal track, this is closer to what I’m looking for than something like a gospel track or something. The specific part of this song I’m talking about is part that goes “Shame on us, for all we’ve ever done… etc”

Another brick in the Wall Pt 2 by Pink Floyd: With the kids over the classic rock music.

Some classic Queen stuff comes to mind, though I’m not a huge fan of their style of music other than Bohemian Rhapsody.

I’m looking for a wall-of-sound type choir sound with harmonizing etc, over contemporary type music, preferably rock or metal or the like. Although bands like System of a Down do tons of harmonizing on later albums I’m talking more of a choir sound than something like this, but preferably with the choir tracks being more front and center.

Any good suggestions?

Motörhead - Ace of Spades
Barney Theme Song
Watch the Fat Man

The Polyphonic Spree might fit the bill.

Motörhead - Ace of Spades
Barney Theme Song

Helium Vola might fit the bill here.

Queen’s “The Prophet’s Song” is their best example of that sort of thing. Give it a listen if you can find it. IIRC it is on A Night at the Opera.

Pat Benatar - We Belong?

I dig what you speak, kerzain - it’s something I really enjoy, too. Try setting up a Pandora station with those songs and see it can pick out those aspects.

Sure would be nice if Pandora would let you custom-craft on its genomes.

Not sure if this fits the bill, but Adiemus?

Youtube link

Doesn’t Therion do some stuff like that?

Cardiacs do a lot of choir/overlapping vocal stuff on the Sing to God albums - Insect Hoofs on Lassie.

I like this rehearsal recording that guest stars some random neighborhood dog in the background. Does that count as choral? - Jibber & Twitch.

Yes. Therion would be my recommendation as well.

Yes. Just beware of recent major suckage. But the entire “Vovin” album by Therion should be solid gold, with Secret of the Runes being less awesome but still pretty good.

Sympathy for the Devil comes to mind.


Yeah, I was going to mention Therion, as well. Seek out “Deggial” in addition to the above-mentioned albums.

Or look into Rick Wakeman’s back catalog. He did a lot of work with chamber choirs and symphony orchestras and rock bands, all in the same album. If you don’t mind preposterous, pretentious, overblown prog, “The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table” is a great album. “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is also quite good.

Or you could look into Magma – French jazz-rock ensemble backed by Wagnerian orchestration and choir.

And Rhapsody [of Fire] frequently employs backing choirs, as well.

Don’t you mean “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”?

Try “Wax Simulacra” by The Mars Volta.

How about The Gash by The Flaming Lips?

“Cry Little Sister” from The Lost Boys soundtrack comes to mind.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I made a list and will be going through them tonight. This is like a Holy Grail quest for me :p

QFT. One of my favorites.

Condemnation by Depeche Mode.