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I didn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep.


As did i , damn my eyes.

Friends, today in Star Fleet II, we’ll resume our mission to eliminate all enemy space forces in the sector. Join me for this glorious slaughter!

Friends, join me today as we give the puzzle-game-city-builder thing, Dorfromantik, a whirl!

Today, my friends, join me as I give the futuristic RPG, Colony Ship, a proper whirl.

Today, my friends, join me for my first VR stream, as we try the ARPG Jack Walker: Ethereal!

Friends, join us as we return to the saving lives (and cats) simulator known as Flashing Lights.

I feel this game is not Photosensitive Epilepsy friendly going by the title.

You would think that, but the graphics are pretty tame and basic. No 3080 card needed. ;-)

It’s great fun too.

Friends, join me today as we start what will be a long journey: Every Yakuza game, starting with Like a Dragon.

I think Yakuza 0 would be a better starting point, but Like a Dragon is great!

My Yakuza-expert friend was very adamant that Dragon was the place to start, THEN Zero, then 1-6. Not gonna argue with him. Had a great time this morning.

Wise friend. Skip all the poorly balanced action games and go straight for the best.

I honestly can’t stop thinking about it. I wanna jump back in but gotta wait for the stream.

I’m having such a grand time playing Octopath Traveler, that I’m streaming it tonight on the spur of the moment. If you’re looking for something to do, come join me! Should have it up and running in a few minutes.

Friends, join me today for more Star Fleet II was we (hopefully) mop up the remainder of the enemy space forces in the sector.

Friends, on today’s show, we’ll welcome back Glen Pawley, lead developer of the upcoming grand character-driven space strategy game, Star Dynasties! Join us!

Friends, join me today as I try the historically-inspired strategy sim thing, NovaMundi: The Spear of Chaquén!