Streaming, podcasting, or writing something cool? Bump this thread with a link!

Since a lot of us are streaming and podcast and writing all over the internet, I thought it would be helpful to have a place where we can share with each other what we’re doing without fussing over the issue of whether or not it’s spam, pimping, or what have you. So this thread if for you to tell us when you’ve got something you want to share with a link. Streaming tonight? Link it here! Did you just post a podcast? Link it here! Did you write a post on your blog titled Ten Reasons Deus Ex Is Totally Overrated? Link it here!

Let’s keep this thread bumping up against the top of the page. I like to think we’re a creative enough community that this should never drop down below the first screen of posts. If it annoys you, Discourse lets you ignore it. But for the rest of us, here’s the place to announce and follow what we’re all doing.


this is a great idea, thanks. I have no link yet, but I am still developing game ideas/games and would be glad to share (and looking for feedback) in the future, but first I have to finish Dark Souls 3 (lol).

Thanks for this, Tom.

What we really want to know though is when a community member is going to do a let’s play for Bloody Boobs.

This is a really nice idea for a thread.

Agreed! I have a thing or two to share, but I’ll wait until tomorrow, when they’re actually live, before dropping a link.

I’ll go ahead I spose.

On my channel, @Left_Empty, @marquac and I (and a few others) like to pretend that, when I play RimWorld, that Tom is my lone survivor and that other members of the Qt3 family show up. We do have some fun!

My internet was kind of screwed up the other night, so I had to just record a video for upload:

Never trust @Brooski

(here’s a time link to when all hell breaks loose - )

Welp, here we go. This week’s game is After the Empire, which is pretty great. This week’s podcast looked at Starfleet Academy and the overall tragedy that is Star Trek gaming. Finally, tonight we’ll be streaming Space Hulk: Deathwing by request.

Hope that’s not too much. :) Again, thanks for the opportunity, Tom. :)

I wrote up a little impressions piece for Zelda as well as the Switch. It’s quick and dirty and not meant to be professional, just for my RL gaming buddies that enjoy such write ups from time to time. I’ll post it here for the interested and curious.

Click it once to select it, click again to view the original size. Here is a link if that works better -

I’ve got something!

This really doesn’t have anything to do with videogames, but last summer I recruited some folks from Qt3 to see if people wanted to participate in an ongoing experiment for the company I work for, Unanimous A. I.

We have a platform that does something called swarm intelligence. It’s sort of like a whole “Wisdom of Crowds” thing, only out platform is proving to be smarter than that. It’s real time and involves working together as a group (as opposed to focus groups and surveys, which isolate you as an individual and then aggregate your data.)

We’re going to try to predict the outcomes of baseball games every week. Tuesdays, we pick them during the afternoon, but to accommodate more people, on Thursdays we’re going to run this test during evening or prime time hours, at least on the east coast.

The process is pretty simple. You take a quick survey where you pick the winners of tomorrow’s baseball games. Then you join a group of 30-40 other users for about 20 minutes and pick the same games with them.

If your individual picks on the survey are the best of the 25-40 people participating, we send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card for being awesome.

What we don’t get out of this: personal data. at all.

What we do get out of this: Scientific data that we can study. We learn how to frame questions, we learn which of the under-the-hood metrics we have that show confidence in a prediction are most valuable. We learn how to identify participants who are likely to be accurate, and those who likely to be inaccurate.

Plus, it’s really fun.

I don’t want to clutter this thread with too many links about this. We’ve created an online facebook group where we’ll post links for upcoming groups so people can join. That’s also the first place we’ll post our results and track them across the summer to see how we do.

Easiest way to join us and have some fun, make science, and maybe earn some of our cash:

My video game blog (dormant but not extinct)

My movie blog (dormant and possibly extinct)

What’s left online of what I wrote for Yahoo (pardon the occasional mistaken byline)

Listicles I wrote for ArcadeCloud:
Crazy vault-tec experiments
Mind-blowing game moments

My Star Trek song

My webcomic

Nothing is too much and no frequency is too often. Keep it coming. This thread should be an embarrassment of riches and only you guys can make that happen.

Besides, I’ll be using this thread, too.


Sweet, a few more links for y’all then

YouTube -
Twitch -
Discord -

Thanks Tom and everyone!

@tomchick does the content need to be gaming-related to be pimped in this thread? Your OP doesn’t specify that, but perhaps it is assumed since this is the Games subforum.

I’m seconding this question as it’s relevant to me as well.

Still goin’ strong.

A friend of mine and I do a monthly podcast on topics of interest to us, which usually includes a games segment in between the firearms, defense/militariana, books, movies, and technology. We hit on Monster Slayers and Resident Evil 7 in this month’s episode.

(Since it’s not entirely clear whether games-relatedness is a requirement, I also do online serial fiction here.

The longest running (and only) gonzo poker stream on the internet is live right now, as it is every Friday Saturday, and Sunday at this time.

Come by and say hi!

Mass Effect: Andromeda

edit: here’s the video link form the stream -

Good idea for a thread!

Here’s some stuff I’ve written:

For the website of Ancient Warfare magazine (of which I was the editor for a little over four years), I also wrote about games every once in a while. Some examples:

Since I’ve been trained as an archaeologist I tend to approach games from a particular point of view. I usually also write about other forms of popular culture. As editor of Ancient History magazine (since the end of last year), I’ve written, for example, about the connections between Star Trek (the original series) and the ancient world, and we’ve had a recurring department in the magazine (starting with Ancient Warfare) on movies set in the ancient world.