Stupid multi-mon/DirectX question

I was playing Eve the other day and wondering (out loud, in the qt3 channel) - why this geek-friendly game doesn’t have an option to let me open a second game window on a second monitor to have all the chat/market/mission windows on…

Then it struck me, that I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that done.

Is it even possible? I know the old DXs were quite limited when it came to multi-mon, but it’s gotta be possible now, right?

And ya, I know the real reason it hasn’t been done is because 10 people would use it, but damn it’d be sweet.

I’m not sure if this is still true or not, but it used to be that cards just weren’t capable of doing accelerated 3D on more than one head at a time, aside from some cards that specifically touted it as a feature (high-end Matrox, I think). It just wasn’t considered important enough to spend silicon on it.

As something not reliably or widely available, it never received wide adoption and integration into specs and libraries. Even if you just wanted to slap some 2D windows up on the second head, DirectX would probably have to fix a few things up first. Playing games in full-screen on the first head shuffles windows on my second one around in weird ways right now.

That’s a known direct-x issue. That happens if a fullscreen game changes the resolution of the primary monitor and your secondary monitor is on the right.

Workaround: Make your right-side monitor the primary monitor.

The game WISH let you split the ‘render’ and the other game windows on your monitor, it was fan-ta-stic!..

to bad some “/&”#¤"%3 cancelled the game… which would have been as addicite as UO - in 3D - at least to me.

I … wish… (sigh) more developers would take the queue from these guys and make their UI more manageable. :-)

Edit: Also; It believe that SLI does not work in windowed mode, and neither does it support multi monitor gaming, really f… annoying.

Yes. DirectX8 allows more than one monitor to be hardware accelerated.

All the Microsoft flight sim games do it.

You can play WoW on either monitor. Full 3d acceleration whichever monitor you use.

The only thing WoW doesn’t like is when you place the WoW window smack between both monitors and have each monitor display a portion of the window. That’s when things get slow. :-)

Yup. There are some quasi-workarounds for thta too, though.

Oh? Please tell me more :-)

Edit: Its not the “add another video card, yay?” solution is it?

it is.