Stupidest tech question ever asked

My friend just called me and asked if I had heard of TiSP. I never have, but there are plenty of things I haven’t heard of. He started describing it and it sounded ridiculous, but he was totally serious. I know this guy well and jokes aren’t his thing. He just wants free broadband and found this:

Yes, I need to get some new friends…

Its completely legit

Wait, what?? No way.

Indeed, no way:

Don’t liste to rhinohelix, it’s totally legit. I’ve been running a TiSP network for months now, and it works great!

I bet TiSP would be better than what I have right now.

That’s why I was interested!!! :) :)

-Doesn’t work with my European style toilet.

They’re just taking the series of tubes to its logical conclusion, a series of pipes. A series of icky, stinky pipes.

Why would you do this thing?