Stymied by liquor bottle technology

I picked up a bottle of rum in the duty free shop while flying back from Guatemala with our second adopted son. I was planning on making some mojitos , which are mmm mmm good! :)

But what is this plastic valve thingy on the top of the bottle, preventing the sweet sweet rum from joining the lime, the mint, and the sugar in my glass? Is this some kind of bar thing? Do I have to buy some kind of spout that fits into it? I am lost! I saw a lot of people with duty free boxes so I’m guessing I’m just clueless. Can someone enlighten me?

There’s usually a flow filter in higher proof alcohols to prevent fire.

How does a flow filter prevent fires? Is spontaneous combustion a problem?

This is just regular old 80 proof liquor, and I’ve never seen a contraption like this in any bottles I’ve bought in the U.S.

Jusr rip it off with a pair of needle nose pliers. Or pour it all into a glass decanter or cool looking empty bottle.

Break off the top of the bottle with a sharp strike against the side of a table. You are then committed to drinking the whole bottle, like in Russia.

They don’t do that in Russia!

[size=1]…with rum.[/size]


It’s the only way to be sure.

Congrats on the new addition to your family.

Thank you! :) Here’s the brothers:

Henry is our first, and Franklin is the little guy. My wife was engaging in wishful thinking when she bought the Tigger costume, because we knew it would be a miracle if we got to bring Franklin home by Halloween. But since we had it, we couldn’t let it go to waste, since Franklin will be too big to wear it next Halloween.
And here’s a candid shot:

Every parent is prejudiced, but damn, isn’t he a cutie?

Very cute kids!
My wife and I are thinking about adopting too.
I’m currently doing my homework, reading “Attaching in Adoption”… almost making me think twice, but nah, I can’t wait.
We’re going to go local, through our county system.

Sorry to hijack your thread but… no I’m not!