Subnautica - SCUBA, Unknown Worlds, drowning

I agree with your summary. I think the Cyclops has grown on me with time.

It’s not perfect as a mobile base platform, but it is very much that. I’ve noticed I just grind time with more and more bases, so having to learn to lean on it as a base frees me from a lot of the later game grind. It’s really not good for anything on than slow speed, maybe medium if you know your safe. And all the extra additions for safety are really nothing when the biggest safety is turning the engine and lights off. The only hard part is navigating the damned thing down the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. I tend to lay things out as such: in the small passageway between the command room and the mobile vehicle hatch I’ll put about 5-6 stand up lockers on each side, front to back, with the final wall on each side with 2 wall mount lockers. In the back of the command room I’ll put a modification station, a fabricator, a small battery charger, a health pack creator and maybe another locker or two. Initially I’ll have a few single plant pots between the mobile vehicle hatch and the cyclops loadout bays, but later those are replaced with large 2x2 planters. I also put one planter down below the hatch to leave the Cyclops, and I’ll use that to, “top up,” before leaving or as an emergency when coming back.

My only real need for a base late in the game are desalinization for water, if even, or a moonpool and subsequent vehicle mod station for upgrading the prawn if I’m unable to do it another way. At that point of the game, the Cyclops IS my base. Having to set up a real base is the pain.

To that end, my recommendations for anything related to a cyclops mod would be: Trim it down lengthwise. There is a lot of unused space on the rear and bottom of the sub. It would be so much better and more mobile if it were trimmed up just a touch. Allow more options to recharge it, as you stated. Allow it to have a mobile vehicle mod station. I mean it looks like it has one already, why isn’t that thing fully featured? Maybe as part of charging options, allow the player to build forward charging stations more easily. Say something like a thermal power generator and an attachment that does charging to vehicles within a sphere around it. This would let you still leverage the Cyclops as your FOB but also allow you to set up small charge areas along the way, wherever that may be. Nuclear in this game is mostly a waste of time. At the point of the game that you have what’s needed to use it, you’re well beyond even needing to set it up anywhere. I’ve yet to run through control rods at a single site I’ve used it, simply because you finish the game before they do. Yet, uranium is all over the place by the time you’re at the end of the game. Nuclear on the Cyclops, on the other hand, would be insanely convenient. Almost as if it may have been a part of the game, then someone took it out. Make it a challenge there and add some degree of inherent danger from it. Like modded minecraft reactors and balancing levels correctly under load to prevent issues. As it is now, it seems like the perfect marriage for the Cyclops, only unrealized.

If you treat the cyclops as moveable storage, it’s a lot more useful. I use it when going on salvage runs to gather all the metal salvage. It’s also very useful in the blood kelp forest as those things take up so many inventory spaces.

In my last few games, I rarely get any depth upgrades because it’s all about using my seamoth to gather as much as possible and then using the cyclops as a warehouse. Rinse and repeat until all my storage is full.

That makes me really happy, love this game.

Yeah, recently games like Subnautica and Outer Wilds seem like the type of thing that I always used to dream of as a young gamer in the late 80s/early 90s. It’s all coming true you guys! It’s really happened. The future is here.

I remember playing Doom and trying to imagine how cool games were going to be in 20 years. Subnautica is certainly one of those games I was always hoping for.

I’m not even sure I dreamed of games that good! :-) Great to hear Subnautica has done so well for Unknown Worlds. Here’s hoping Outer Wilds is as successful for Mobius.

Yep. 2nd best game of the decade. Can’t wait to vote!
How’s Below Zero coming along? I don’t know nothing about it’s content and I don’t want to; I’m just curious if it’s a similar promising game…

It was fun when I checked in on it, and I like the new vehicle changes without going into detail. I too have decided to shelve it because I don’t want it spoiled until the rest is done. There are more living NPCs in this one though =)

It was pretty early days when I played it, but it seems pretty good. There are some pretty cool new toys and mechanics to deal with. Part of the magic of Subnautica, was going into it blind and not knowing at all what to expect. Part 2 will suffer from some prior knowledge, as a lot of the systems are the same. You get a big leg up in 2 if you’ve played the first one, a lot of stuff is familiar.

I thought go live was planned for January 30th on Steam so they should be close?

@Calelari @jpinard @Ragan @Tim_N

Merry January and happy fishing in Below Zero. If you spot another friend with it on their wishlist and wish to do so, pay it forward with a gift to them.

Cheers to all of you!


Thanks @Skipper!

I was looking forward to playing Below Zero, but I wanted to wait until it was released. The best times I had playing Subnautica was when it was all complete, but I didn’t know what happened next. A close second is when I managed to kill a leviathan reaper with stasis rifle and thermal blade.

I’m the same but couldn’t wait and just started playing today. I’m weak, lol. So far, very similar, lots of new flora and fauna and completely different looking biomes. Resources are very similar, etc. It’s very much like the first one in play style so far.

I should mentioned there are a ton of folks that posted in this thread but I only have a limited amount of QT3 folks on my Steam friends list so I went with the ones that put it on their wishlist.

Thanks mate! If the exit from early access is Jan 30 no harm in waiting… I loved Subnautica, so looking forward to diving into this one and posting some impressions here.

Likewise for me. And for some reason most of the QT3 folks on my friends list don’t have the good sense to have wishlisted this :-)

But I will find a way to pay it forward; and again, thank you @Skipper for such a pleasant surprise.

Still on the fence here. Played and finished the first with much stress. Loved and hated it all in = parts. Imagine Grem misadventures underwater…

Ark-tier misadventures? That could be a Netflix series!

I loved this game for 30-40 hours but felt like it became overwhelming very quickly after that. Once I had to start using the submarine, but it’s batteries were quickly dying, and I was getting attacked by monsters I couldn’t defeat, and needed to go hundreds of meters below water, I just stopped playing.

Hopefully Below Zero has a more gradual and forgiving progression

It’s not completed yet, but the beta plays similarly. It can be more difficult, or at least it is for me. I’m sure the balance will come for 1.0 or perhaps a bit after initial feedback.