Sugar Gliders

So, the rats have been dead for long enough that we want more rats. BUT: I have just seen and now I think I’d like to seriously consider getting a Sugar Glider.

Soooooooooooooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

They’re marsupials. Probably illegal in California. But, good god! I want two!

I used to have a buddy who bred them. Probably illegal as Hell in Cali, but way better than rats IMO. They live in bigger, more-vertically-aligned cages with little branches and shit, but they’re friendly and cuddly-wuddly and AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

They are definitely illegal in California, and require an ass-ton of attention. They’re pretty tempermental and they don’t like cold, or even cool, weather. They breed like rabbits. They can smell funny, but that typically means that they’ve got some kind of nutritional issue, or that you’re not cleaning the cage enough. I had a family for a while here in NC; had to ditch them when I moved into an apartment.

Edit: Oh, you basically have to have two. Or more. They’re social creatures and unless you’re prepared to spend hours with them every day, they need the interaction.

Yeah thats one of the things I hate about CA a lot of this stuff is illegal. I looked in to getting one of them and everything everyone above said is right. They are damn cute though and make good pets.

Perhaps someday I might smuggle a ferret in to CA but that will have to be later down the road.

They may be cute in the other photos, but what I see here gives me pause. That thing looks WICKED PISSED.

If i had to guess I’d say this picture was developed by the police two weeks after the neighbors complained about a stench.

My friend David hates them:

“mom had some of those too. I hated the little things. I took my girlfriend over to her house one time…and one of the little bastards almost killed her trying to steal her earring. it was dead set on getting it. I finally grabbed it and threw it in it’s cage. It started calling to the other glider. The other glider ran off and stat there “chirping” at the one in the cage. They started getting all loud, so I threw it’s ass in the cage as well.”

" I fell asleep on the couch one time, and woke up to something messing with my lips…they were trying to get into my mouth!"

“One of them ran up and bit me on the little toe one time at her house and then ran under the couch. I couldn’t tell which one it was so I got revenge by shooting both of them with my brother’s Nerf dart gun. It didn’t hurt them at all, but it certainly tripped them out when they got pegged on the run.”

“I don’t know if she just had mentally fucked gliders or not…but they would just run up and bite the shit out of you, and then run off. my pet rats had more sense than those little fuckers…”

A sugar glider once left a Chuck Norris movie early. Big mistake. Norris kicked it so hard that the entire species lost conciousness and now they are endangered.

They’re cute as hell, but I hear they like to crap everywhere. Get a kitten.

Jesus, why does everything have to be about sex?

I’m sorry, I’m afraid the caption we were looking for is “Come spend a night inside my sugar (glider) walls.”

Flawless victory.

Cute pet ideas:

Fennec Fox

. . . and that’s about it, if you’re looking for extremely unusual and cute critters. They’re all expensive as hell, too.