[Sundance Channel] Rectify

No discussion about this here? Really? I can’t believe I’m the only one watching it. We just finished the Season 2 premiere and it was the best hour of television I’ve seen since Breaking Bad wrapped up.

I haven’t seen any of the 2nd season yet, but I was kind of blown away by the writing and performances in the first. I have to admit, though, the main character’s Starman routine started to wear a bit thin by the end…maybe binge-watching on Netflix made that more apparent, I dunno.

I thought the first season was excellent. I am behind on several other things, but this is jumping to the top of the list. One of my favorites from last year, easily.

They never made a big deal of it, but the first season only takes place over 7 days, making the character’s ongoing inability to cope with the world outside prison a lot more believable.

I never even noticed that season 2 was released so I’m finally watching it now. Love this show!

The only thing wrong with the show is that the seasons so far have only been 7 episodes.

Another stellar season premiere. I don’t know why Rectify doesn’t get more attention.

It’s an glacially-paced southern Gothic that’s mostly about sadness and pain, with a largely unknown cast on a small network most people don’t watch (or even get). I’m just surprised it gets as much written about it as it does.

It’s good that it gets the critical acclaim if not the viewers, and I’m definitely encouraged by the reviews for season 3.

I wish I had Sundance. This is so good. My friend that recommended it pitched it by saying “I don’t know how a show where so little happens can be so good.” It is just that good.

Note, that same friend just pointed out you can watch Rectify via their website without any sort of login. It works at work, but it remains to be seen if it will work at home via Comcast. If so, score!

I’m glad it got renewed for a fourth season, but that would have made a hell of a series finale.

I’ve been plowing through this, and am about to finish season 2. Ray McKinnon’s really won me over: he was Vernon T Waldrip in O, Brother (“woah woah woah, you can’t swear at my fiancee!”), the preacher in Deadwood, and now he’s made Rectify. The thematic overlap between his role on Deadwood and this show is interesting to me. Daniel Holden, much like the preacher, tends to talk gibberish before large gatherings, and the community doesn’t really follow. He’s not always sure if the people he’s dealing with are real, or apparitions.

I love all of the major roles in the show: everyone else as impressed with the actor played Teddy Jr. as I am? That guy’s done a great job.

All the actors are great. I find Tawney to be a little annoying, but that’s just the way she’s written, I guess. The real surprise is the sheriff, who’d you would expect to be your typical rube cop, and turns out to know a lot more than he lets on. An article I read called him a “Southern Columbo”.


Yeah, I hear you on Tawney. But she and Daniel make a good pair – she’s not deep, and he’s kind of faux profound. (I’m not clear on how much the show itself buys into and endorses Daniel’s ruminations. The emotional stuff is always spot on, but whenever he gets intellectual I kind of laugh.) It’s amazing how frequently I get choked up by it: Amantha telling Janet how isolated she feels by being the only vocal one in the family was the latest to get me.

All the Deadwood cameos have been a treat, too. Seeing old Johnny Burns being malicious is a trip.

Okay, just finished the season 3 finale. Lovely show, not much else to say. Till next July!

90 minute series finale this week. Who’s with me?

I am! I watched the latest two episodes today. This show is something special, and I’m happy it’s finishing strong. Teddy talking Ted Sr. in the backyard in the most recent episode… whoo did that get me.

I am. I love this show.

I like how the sow is flashing just small moments of Daniel’s anger to suggest he might be guilty after all. I hope it doesn’t try to tie everything up neatly, although I doubt it will.

Wow. Beautiful and moving, like the rest of the series. I will really miss this show. That last scene could have been shot by Terrence Malick.

I can’t wait to see what Ray McKinnon comes up with next.