Super Auto pets is about to eat your life.

Well, I didn’t know a fricking game about pets battling it out on a pixel map would be this addictive…

Bet this spawns a whole new genre…

Have at it ye soon to be doomed addicts.

Also, team names…the team naaames.

Yeah, my friend is nagging our play group to get into this.

Pixel map?

Very addictive

Well I lost about six hours of my day to this.

It’s directly in the lineage of auto battlers spawned by DOTA auto chess (Teamfight Tactics, Underlords, etc)

Async multiplayer is a brilliant addition though.

I guess it is but this doesn’t feel like an auto chess game to me. I could never comprehend games like dota auto chess with all their insane number of heroes and weird rules. But this game keeps it simple and has understandable interactions