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Arrow and Flash could take pointers on how to deal with secrets from this. Have a good reason for the secret in the first place, build up the tension over a few episodes, and above all resolve it promptly. Don’t drag it out for entire seasons. Supergirl still has some of the same keep-the-secret-identity-secret-at-all-costs issues as the other shows, but this one they did right.

I liked Indigo as a villain, but I think it was more the comic fan in me enjoying a different spin on Brainiac than the TV drama fan seeing good television. The Ashley Madison-hack reference seems dated already, and Alex being all excited about Winn’s incredible “Python 6 malware encryption” skills was especially groan-worthy. At least the nuclear missile silo didn’t have Internet connectivity. And I admit I did laugh at the Windows Vista jab.

Outside of the ending hugfest, the scene right before with The Elevator Kiss sticks most in my head. Winn may be getting himself some from Siobhan? Go nerds! The hell with healthy relationships, that sort of bad love is exactly what he needs.


Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier, there’s another Legion ring sighting when Kara and James go to the Fortress. There’s certainly precedent in the comics for a Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes story. We already saw a Legion ring in the Flash multi-verse travel, and you’d think that a time-travel show like Legends would be a perfect place to fit them in, too. Arrow is the only Arrow-multi-verse show that really doesn’t have any potential Legion links (not that it would be that hard to drum something up).


Looking good for renewal!



I was sad there was a gap this week, though :(


Now this is a crossover I could get behind.


Not sure I recognize that person on the right?


Me neither.


Lexi Alexander, who directed ep 9. Picture was from her twitter feed.




Wow, they outdid themselves this week. The hero-goes-bad is a superhero staple, and weird-kryptonite-transformation isn’t exactly new ground, so I was kind of expecting this one to be a bit of a predictable yawner. And there were a few overly cheesy bits…for instance, was it really necessary to have the little girl throwing away her Supergirl outfit? But for the most part, I loved how this was pulled off.

In case anyone doesn’t want details before watching…

[spoiler]The various do-mean-things scenes - Cat-toss, James at the dance, tearing up Alex - came off as doing real damage. The Alex scene in particular really tugged the heartstrings, especially after last week’s hugfest ending. I liked the bar-peanut scene, too - added a little humor without throwing off the whole dark feel.

Visually, I was impressed how well they shifted Supergirl to look like Astra. The uniform is most of it, of course, but Melissa Benoist really pulled off the more subtle “pride and power” look as well. Which is no surprise, because she’s done an amazing job with just about everything.

Loved the J’onn fight bit, too. I actually thought he might run when Alex asked him to. But having him stay to be close to the girls, even if does mean DEO prison, makes more sense for the character.

I’m a little surprised that they didn’t stretch this out into a two-parter. Could have easily done so by having Max’s special gun fail on the first attempt, or bringing another alien into the mix. Although I suspect next week might as well be “part 2”, dealing with the fallout.[/spoiler]


I liked the episode too, mostly. Although…

[spoiler]who knew that they had such fantastic makeup artists at the DEO, judging by how flawless Supergirl’s face was when she woke up in their infirmary? Well, unless you want to say that she’ll always look good because of Earth’s yellow sun and all that. :rolleyes:

Oh, and yeah, next week’s episode is all about the aftermath and how for a while everyone is afraid of Supergirl.[/spoiler]


Damn, that was good stuff. This show’s grown a LOT over the course of this season. Really, really hoping it’s gonna stick around.


I agree, great episode. It was the obligatory Red-K story, but it was well executed and in tune with the feel of the show. The show’s still a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and the writing and acting are often stiff, but Benoist and Flockhart are both excellent.

Also, I loved the homage to drunk Superman!


Well the last two episodes have definitely ratcheted up things. While they’ve held back somewhat, the scene with Kat losing one of her nine lives comes to mind, they definitely did not portray this as a consequence free incident.

And, yeah, they got the most important thing right in this series. Melissa Benoist kills it in this show.


“You look like the pretty, racially diverse cast of a CW show.” Har!


That was totally fun even though the villains were kinda lame. I will have to move The Flash up on my watchlist.


Apparently it’s still 1968 in that writer’s mind, where one black person and three white people = racially diverse.

Although to be fair, back then on TV it was one ethnic minority person to literally all other characters on the show, including the non-speaking extras.

BTW, that was a totally different actress playing Livewire tonight, right?


Not according to IMDB. Can’t say I had a clear enough recollection of her from the first appearance to notice a difference.

I hope they do more with Silver Banshee in the future. Magic-using villains are one of the few ways to get some real threats in against a Superman/girl.


The kids and I loved it - I’m super amazed and the instant and obvious chemistry between the Flash and the Supergirl cast, very cool. A lot of people, including my own son, were pretty negative on Silver Banshee’s costume but I actually thought it looked great, myself. There was a lot of fun dialog that episode, and Barry/Flash got to really show off what makes his show worth watching as well, and it was a strong episode overall for those Flash fans checking this out for the first time too, so hopefully both shows can get a (well deserved, imo) bump in ratings.


Weird, maybe I’m thinking of the wrong person then. Wasn’t Livewire the one whom they caught at the missile silo? I thought her thing was electricity, or was it traveling through computer networks? What was that supervillain’s name?