Sweet Transit - Trains, Logistics, City Building

While still in early access (going on one year now) every update has vastly improved the foundation they started with.

The third update released today:

Definitely not playing it until 1.0, but that’s a tempting price to pre-order it.


Even more bleh.

Still, mad props for the name. And not just for being cute. Any game name that might be confused with a groupie gets a thumbs up from me! Y’all remember to bump the thread for me and @Ginger_Yellow when it’s ready!

On sale at the moment. @lordkosc have you played it? Tempted with it only being $14.73 on sale. Katherine of Sky was saying it is by someone that used to be on the Factorio team. It looks like they were an artist on Factorio, so not sure how involved they were with the design.

Only dabbled with it a few hours, there is a solid foundation here that just needs more patching and content as early access progresses.