Syncing bookmarks

Usually, I just stick to using Chrome on my PC and phone. But lately I have also been using Firefox. How do you sync bookmarks between the two browsers bi-directionally? Can you recommend a particular tool? Thanks.

I’ve been using It has a nice tagging system and extensions for mobile and chrome. Seems to be working ok for me so far.

I thought Mozilla acquired XMarks and integrated it into Firefox a while ago.

Lastpass owned XMarks and shut it down a year or so ago.

Firefox has their own Firefox Sync but I’m not sure it’s cross browser.

I’ve been using iCloud to sync bookmarks between Firefox on my PC and Safari on my iPhone/Mac, and it works surprisingly well. It supports Chrome as well. That said, looks to be a great choice, assuming the free version has everything you need.

I use Chrome as the default browser everything else will sync with. I don’t use it for anything else, but it’s a good sync tool.

I tried, but I have “nested collections” which require a paid account that I don’t really want.

I will keep looking.

I went with Eversync. It’s kind of janky compared to, but it lets me keep my nested folder structure. Plus it will work on my Windows Phone (I think).