System Shock 3

Hells yeah, son!

It’s incredibly exciting how easily extensible engines, crowd-sourced assets, and Kickstarter have come together to make projects like this possible again.

GDC teaser from the Unity presentation:

Does anyone have any confidence in this project at all? Honestly, Prey pretty much shut the door on System Shock.

I question using Unity for a AA or AAA product. I like Warren though and hope he nails this one.

Ue4 would’ve been a much better engine choice given the game, but hiring is a lot tougher.

Not at all, but I’m open to it being great. Remember the lesson of 2016 DOOM.

Is Doug Church in any way involved?

What lesson would that be? A studio who’s forte is first person shooters, using an in-house engine, made a solid fps?

Prey pretty much shut the door on System Shock.
Can You please elaborate on that statement. To me Prey was a game where the developers obviously liked System Shock but didn’t really understand what made that game great.
Oh and hello all.

Prey has incredibly robust framework and very tight game design all around, coupled with outstanding level design. Any immersive sim coming out after it will have to go above and beyond just to match Prey.

Arkane are the true masters of this genre.

I would say you are wrong :P

I mean, you haven’t made any arguments about it, so it’s hard to counter your position.

I will say for example that ‘devs liked X but didn’t really understand what made that game great’ is what I thought of another immersive FPS, the two new Deus Ex(es?). But on the other hand I thought they nailed Prey in capturing the greatness of this subgenre, unlike the Square Enix team.

Hey I’m new to this place, but I’m hoping You are being sarcastic

Old post quote, but, he really oversaw the fuck out of Underworld Ascendant…

Nope. Welcome.

Cool, I can work with that, glad You liked the game. I haven’t played any deus ex game since the first one.
Uhm sorry but which square enix game are You referring to?

But well my question was why prey would shut the door for system shock sequels. I liked prey well enough, but I still want a game in that universe.

yup my kinda guy, but i still disagree with everythingh You say

I don’t think the use of Unity is a plus or a minus. It’s what they do with it. Every engine has strengths and weaknesses. A game like System Shock (and its ilk) blends shooter and RPG stuff, and barring custom engines, I doubt there is any off the shelf solution that is perfect.

Just an FYI, you don’t capitalize the word “You” (edit: Looking at your posts it seems English might not be your native language, so I don’t want you to think I’m picking on you or anything).

I’m gathering from your posts you didn’t like the recent Prey game, which was the closest thing to a System Shock we’ve had for some time. What didn’t you like about it? I personally had a lot of fun with it, and played through it nearly two full times.

The newest Dues Ex games are a ton of fun as well, lots of great gameplay and set pieces there. Highly recommended.

I think the enemies we had to deal with in System Shock are second-to-none in this kind of game. Prey never scared me the way System Shock 2 did, even though System Shock 2 had clunky polygonal graphics. The teasing voice in SS2 and its script was also the best ever. I’m not sure anything will ever touch it, not even a sequel. It’s like trying to improve on the first 2 Alien movies.

While Prey was good, it just never did for me what a true System Shock game did.

Agreed. The jump scare black spiky things in Prey were okay, but being chased by Cyborg Midwives in System Shock 2 was really scary.


I don’t remember being scared of anything in System Shock, it was more about the atmosphere. I’m not trying to argue that Prey is better than System Shock, for the record.