System Shock 3

System Shock 3 announced!

It’s my understanding that Shieldwolf cannot wait. Has anyone else heard about this?

Somebody should create a System Shock 3 thread. Preferably somebody who is impatient for the game’s arrival.

But he’ll have to wait, won’t he? What’s his alternative?

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You will continue to wait insect. -SHODAN

Great discussion. Things are clearer now. Thanx guise!

I’m personally a little annoyed at such an early announcement. I prefer the DiRT Rally method of release now. Oh btw, we’ve been secretly working on a new game, and we’re announcing it and releasing it on Early Access today in a pretty late beta polish state. Enjoy. Thanks Codemasters! What an awesome surprise!

Though, that can’t possibly be a good way to sell the most titles. I can’t wait to finally try that new System Shock remake they are working on. As much as I love SS2, I never did play the original. The couple of times I tried, the controls were too baffling for me. I haven’t tried it since the newest patch that give the game modern mouselook controls that can be inverted. (The first patch gave mouselook, but I couldn’t find a way to invert it, so it was worse than not having mouselook).

Very poor choice on their part, announcing the game before the kickstarter. Could really hurt their backing numbers.

Maybe they’ve got a studio financing the game and won’t kickstart it at all?

Nonsense, every game not from one of the majors is Kickstarted, and every game fueled by nostalgia is to be Kickstarted, and every game is to be Kickstarted.

This is the Gospel of Armando Penblade, 2015:12.15

And you answer your own question.

With the Enhanced Edition you need to edit the controls.cfg in the SS1EE folder. Inside the cfg find set mlook_vesens and put a minus sign - in front of 30.

set mlook_vsens -30

They put a bunch of options in the EE option screen but they exclude invert y-axis for the mouse? Sheesh.

OMG OMG OMG! SHODAN, I have missed you! I will be your insect and you will scare me.

BTW so happy original SHODAN voice over artist is back for this! Her voice is one in a billion.

These days it’s very unusual to not kickstart a nostalgia-fest sure thing like this, even when you do have studio backing. I guess the studio told them not to do it, so they wouldn’t have to deal with split loyalties.

Warren Spector has joined Otherside Games as studio director. So he’ll be overseeing System Shock 3, as well as Underworld Ascendant.

I am officially hyped.

In conjunction with Night Dive Studios, the master craftsmen behind Strife: Veteran Edition.

But to be fair Strife was a pretty cool game.

Develop: Otherside signs up Deus Ex, BioShock and Thief devs for System Shock 3

These include design designer Sheldon Pacotti, artist Robb Waters, and creative consultant Doug Church.

Yay, Doug Church!

Bringing the band back together one member at a time…

Day 1, GOTY confirmed.

Really glad Doug Church is involved.