TA tonight?

Anyone up for playing tonight? 8pm EST for the first game and 11pm for the 2nd?

It’s 1 am Aussie time now and I’m pulling an all nighter… if I’m awake when ever 8pm is I’ll give you a game.
You know how to find me.

I’m in for the second game.

Would be fun, but 8pm EST is 4am here. :(

I’m up for the second game.


erm, can I play?

Hmm, I just rechecked and the second game is in six hours, right? I guess I’ll catch some sleep and try to wake up in time to join up.

Ill show up at 8pm EST in IRC and see if anyone is around, if not Ill check back around 11pm.

Server up NOW at shangius.homeip.net ( )

Currently we have three players, so there’s still room.

Crud looks like I missed it. Next time!

There’s still time :)

I’ll take a look at the thread every so often to see if you guys are about to play another game.

Or you could just hang out in IRC.

I managed to get a decent base built up and even got a few nukes up before I was nearly obliterated. I did manage to get my Commander into the water, though, and spent the next hour or so building all the underwater metal extractors I could. Then I started on the energy and metal storage when I got discovered and had to flee again. After a few failed attempts at getting a foothold on the land, I decided to march into Shang’s base with my Commander and take out some structures as I died. That was literally going to be my very next click in the game, the click on land to have my Commander march out to his certain death. But then the game crashed. =(

Fun game, but the selected map was a tad too big. Nellie and I finally quit the game since neither could really launch an efficient attack to another’s base. Nellie did cramp my metal production pretty efficiently before the end, though, so I don’t know how it would’ve turned out if we would’ve continued for another two hours or so. :P

Sorry I had to duck out. Apparently, things get messed up if you don’t install the 3.1 patch as the very last step, since it refused to take when I re-ran it. Anyhow, I uninstalled, reinstalled, and then patched; hopefully it’ll play properly next time!

  • Alan

I’m having no luck getting core contingency. Any tips? Can’t even get a TA budget game pack (got TA, just need CC).

If anyone is up to some morning/daytime TA today (Saturday), I can host again.

I think eBay is your best bet.

From New Zealand…?

Well I guess, if you don’t mind waiting for the package to arrive. Quite a many sellers offer worldwide shipping for a reasonable price.