Tabletop RPGs 2021

The only Patreon I’ve ever supported is this qt3 one. I’ll have to give it a look.

Congratulations @BiggerBoat for your The One Ring stretch goal! That’s awesome.

I was about to post that!

Edit: Link, everybody back this now!

Thanks for the link! I was considering backing The One Ring, and that’s a nice additional incentive.

Thanks! Can’t believe I get to have some small part in this world and RPG system.

Pelgrane Press operates a very small and wildly underappreciated YouTube channel that has some fun videos, including short snippets wherein their chief writers knock out simple questions like “What’s Your Favorite GMing Tip?” or “What’s Your Favorite Monster”? as well as longer-form videos including actual plays and recordings of their seminars from last year’s GenCon Online, including a couple of lengthy master-classes.

Some of the playlists include links to videos hosted on other channels, including a few of Ryan Macklin’s old interviews. Miss that guy. Wrote a lot for Fate and ran a great blog for it, but kinda fall off the face of the earth and sadly his blog went down awhile back, too.

I got my copy of Glitch in the mail this morning. It’s the sequel to the 2002 RPG Nobilis- one of my favorites, and this is done in a similar style. Super excited to dig in and read it. I’m also super disappointed to find out that both my old copies of Nobilis(2E) have disappeared- I still have a digital copy, but that was one of the few books I actually wanted to hold on to. Bummer.

Yeah, it’s gorgeous. I am very glad I opted to get the hardcover even though I almost never back RPGs for the physical copy, since I don’t usually get to play them and I have limited shelf space. It’ll join my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition Nobilis hardcovers.

I lost my 1st edition on the bus, I think, right around the time the 2nd came out. I never bought the 3rd- the anime-style turned me off big time. I’m really glad this one is a return to the 2nd edition style. Now if I could just locate those other copies…

You are not the only person who was turned off by 3rd edition’s style - I couldn’t get a couple of my friends to even properly try 3E because of it. I suspect Jenna got a lot of feedback to that effect. There’s still a lot of cool (and funny) stuff in it. I am a little sad that I don’t have the Chuubo’s HC, but…it’s also not explicitly a Nobilis thing and I’m probably never gonna play it and, ultimately, oh well.

Anyone know if there is much of a difference between the Marc Miller Traveller games and the Mongoose editions? Seems like they are both publishing games. The last I played was MegaTraveller back in the early 90s.

Marc Miller is madness for noodlers into nostalgia and Mongoose is for people who actually want to play a Campaign.

Very much into @BiggerBoat’s solo-able Ironsworn. This was me adventuring with coffee on Sunday morning:

Then today the hardcovers arrived, just 9 days after ordering on DriveThruRPG. The dogs were clearly disappointed, but I’m stoked to have the physical copies:

Beauties! (jealously)

What a lovely playscape! I love to see people journaling their play session. It gives me warm fuzzies.

And thanks for the purchases!

I miss those leisurely mornings when I got a chance to play my own damn game, as opposed to these days when I am stumbling out of bed and trying to get a couple of hours of layout or writing in before the day job starts to hammer me.

Cool initiative involving a ton of good publishers like Evil Hat, Chaosium, and Monte Cook Games with a full month’s worth of activities/steps to get started/improve as a GM :)

Really cool initiative, thanks for sharing that!

We’ve come full circle in Fallout.

Huh! Did they use the GURPS ruleset?

Nope. Something called “2D20” which I’ve never heard of before.