Take a tour of BioWare, Edmonton

Tour BioWare HQ with Google Maps. Pictures taken in August.

Oh, wow, this is actually super enjoyable! Thanks for the link!

Pretty cool that they have themed meeting rooms! I would certainly enjoy meetings more in the “Baldur’s Gate Meeting Room”.

Other than that, looks like any slightly junky working office.

Best part is the office with the guy working with one of those horse heads on. Good times.

Oooh, they have the Gauntlet arcade.

This is surprisingly fun!

No-show-dirt carpet and acoustic drop ceiling. The great levelers. The pinball tables, though, are pretty sweet.

I’m always surprised to see random boxes stacked up in the foyer or lobby area of offices.

“I’m totally setting these here just for now. They’ll be gone by Thursday!”

Five weeks later…

I really don’t like the dancing I have to do with monsters to get ahead in this dungeon. I’m glad it’s turn based, but I wish the developers had implemented a more friendly environment and control scheme.

Does anyone have a walk through, I think I’m stuck at the moat?

You must gather your party before venturing forth.

I was both happy and sad that people can’t look into my office on the 5th floor. It is all “game finaling” messy.