Take that, France!

The federal government is jumping right into our own case on Muslim headscarves in public schools. I’m psyched to see the US on the right side of this issue, but skeptical that they’re in it for the right reasons. Although I guess showing France up as a bunch of intolerant assholes is kind of a right reason too, so never mind.

Either way, I’m very excited about Brett coming in here to tell us how the Muslims are now going to take over Oklahoma or something.

That should happen any second now, if he doesn’t have an aneurism first.

We do not have the same problems as France with anti-semitism at this time. People are getting killed over there. And it’s because people looked the other way for too long. It’s getting addressed now, but it’s a real mess.

Over there, I’d start deporting all the troublemakers of whatever religion (though in this case, it’s pretty clearly mostly muslims) right back to their land of origin. Hopefully, many of them face death sentences there. There’s nothing like watching indie Darwin awards in the making.

And if that’s too much effort, they can always set up some nice detention camps and import some kind Israeli guards to run the places.

A gimp is a gimp no matter what they worship.