Tapbots's Ivory for Mastadon iOS client is out (early access)

I wouldn’t say it’s more useful, and my ideal vision for a feature like this (for something I’m still only curious about, not something I’m convinced is better) would be that the actual loading is still all done in the background so all the posts are there (which is not how the feature worked in Ice Cubes), and you could freely scroll at will, but also just at the bottom of the screen give me a button to tap that just scrolls exactly one post at a time.

Basically a weird way of the client loading posts that I didn’t like initially and that I think was just a part of the learning curve for the developer made me curious eventually if there was actually something to be said for using that to navigate the timeline as a user.

Oh, I see what you mean now & that makes more sense (though still not a behavior I think I’d want).