Tariff like it's 1897, Trump's Great Economy, Maybe the Best Ever


Apparently we need a dedicated tariff thread because it’s the 19th Century or something.


So moving jobs out of the United States then. Cant wait to see how this is spun as “according to plan”.


Look, those bikes are going to be sold in the EU, not to Americans, so it doesn’t count



“Well, Harley’s are really bad for the environment, so we don’t mind losing 20th century dirty jobs, we want new clean coal jobs.”
“Only bad boys and criminals ride motorcycles, Europe can have more rapists and murders”

And the number 1 spin

“Fake News”


My guess is it’ll be more hawkish, something like:

When you fight a war to win, people are going to get killed, but it’s in service of the greater good. USA USA USA MAGA.


That works, it also would fit the pattern.


Donald is already spinning it as HD being weak, not giving it time to work. No doubt Fox is already pushing the same narrative. Curious as to how this plays out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Trump supporters turn against HD.


Here’s a story from a few days ago. Volvo just opened its first manufacturing plant in the US. They will be building the S60 here with more to come, not just for the US market, but for China and Europe as well. Now they are worried they will have to build separate production facilities for those markets, meaning fewer jobs for the Carolina plant.


Soybean farmers in the midwest are going to get hit REALLY hard. Losing the family farm to totally pwn the libs…


Wilbur Ross also took the blame-the-victim approach when he testified before Congress last week, managing the rare feat of pissing off not just Democrats but Republicans like Hatch and Grassley.


“it sounds to me like we’ve got a government-run mercantilist economy, as opposed to a free-market economy.”
-Chuck Grassley

Of course that was fine till it was soybeans and pork. Now people are going to confront me when I fly back to fund raise.

Chuck is old school. He flies on commercial flights into Waterloo. That’s a plane-load of angry constituents you can’t walk away from.


It is pity that Harley doesn’t have an influential Congressman or Senator to help out here. ;-)


It’s just so infuriating that these bozos, or at least the Bozo in Chief, have the most bizarre interpretations of “fair” in terms of trade. Fair apparently means we (our, rather, their buddies) make money and everyone else doesn’t. That is pretty much mercantilism in a nutshell, the zero-sum game Smith was trying to upend with Wealth of Nations. But it makes even less sense today outside of the context of a global (actual) empire.

And it’s infuriating that the average consumer types who happen to be Trump supporters don’t seem to understand that it’s not a matter of having the same things to buy at the same cost, only now made in 'Murica by 'Muricans, but a a matter of not having those things at all or at ridiculous prices because, surprise, we don’t make that stuff here and won’t make that stuff here (and if we did it would be by robots anyhow, so no jobs for joo!).


Yeah, it’s like mutually beneficial = we got screwed


If you view all relationships as one-time transactions, then they become zero-sum. I gather that’s how real estate development works. It’s not at all how international trade is supposed to work.


It’s not even how real estate works, unless you’re a simpleton.


We can do this! Of course, we’d have to completely eliminate Social Security and Medicare. (Republicans cheer.) As well as almost the entire national defense establishment - to get back to McKinley-era levels of Federal spending we’d need to basically scrap it. (Republicans recoil in horror.)




Two-dimensional Go, guys.