Tariff like it's 1897, Trump's Great Economy, Maybe the Best Ever


I think they’ll notice the rising costs of “everything” but not necessarily associate them with tariffs, especially since I’m sure Fox News will spin this as the fault of Democrats somehow.

Anecdotally, what I’ve noticed is that Trump voters have this kneejerk reaction to taxes. Any cost can be borne, as long as it’s not a tax that shows up on their paystub. I see this all the time with regards to the healthcare debate, which I just rehashed with my parents over the weekend. They abhor the thought of any sort of Canadian or European style healthcare because “their taxes must be outrageous” (No surprise, they’re both on Medicare and are big fans of it. Sigh.). I tried to explain that my paychecks are already being “taxed”, as is my employer. It just shows up under a different category. They stubbornly refuse to budge on anything, though. Taxes bad, end of line.


Dems need to hammer the tariffs as taxes.

People like Joe Fucking Walsh are already doing it for them, they can point to crazy right-wing people for support on it.

“Trump gave rich people a tax cut and then used tariffs to tax you more.”

It resonates and it’s true and people on the right have been saying it for decades and still are.


And yet the Dow is currently up 155 points, so the Market doesn’t seem to give a shit.


The market is the rich people anyway. It’s never given a shit until people reach the point where they can’t buy things.


Which will impact the poor first.

Historically the point at which the rich care that the poor can’t buy things is when they wind up getting a shave from the National Razor.

Which is a lesson from history they would do well to remember. Because that doesn’t work out for anyone.


Worked out pretty great for the rich last time. Government paid their bills while leaving the poor and middle class out to dry.


I was thinking of an older example. Like 200 years older. One we hadn’t quite hit the depths of the level of fucking over the poor of. Yet.

But this group seems intent on getting there.


They forgot the Gilded Age nearly ended with them all dead and our country going Commie.


Yup, the rise of the progressive wing of the Republican Party, particularly the New York branch, and the rise of politicians like Teddy Roosevelt probably, in a very real sense, kept them from the guillotine.

Some of the wealthy of the day were foresighted enough to realize what ways the winds were blowing, and exercised some enlightened self interest.


“Enlightened Self-Interest” isn’t exactly in the current Republican party’s lexicon. At least not the “Enlightened” part.


Yeah, sounds legit. It’s OK, everything’s going to be more expensive!


The average family will probably only be paying an additional $5,000 to $10,000 per year (a), which is pocket change for the average American family (b).

(a) Completely made up figures
(b) From the viewpoint of rich elderly white men


My guess is not before the midterms. 10% on 50 billion is only $5 billion in duties. 25% of $500 billion starting in Jan is $125 billion. This will mean the $20 jeans at Walmart are now $25 and the $40 sheets are now $50 and the $1,000 iPhone is now $1,200 (Apple has the margins they’ll probably eat $50)

But Dems really need to start hammering (unintentional pun) on situations like Mid Continent Nail. Plus figure out who the biggest exporters are in the district, and talk about the potential job losses. The Republican CEOs are already bitching, which I don’t know if that’s good or bad for Democrats, but if you want to talk about job loss it can’t hurt to have the CEO and the Dems saying the same thing.


Republican Party: Free market is … bad?


Free market, freedom, weaker government, it’s all bad now.



I’m out of the loop. How on earth would Alibaba create 1 million US jobs in the first place?


Child labor.


At least it gets the kids out of their cages.


Awesome. Insert Qt3_LIKE here.