Tax Reform Under Trump 2017


The gobs of extra money we made thanks to tax cuts and deregulation were not enough. Gotta lay more people off says AT&T.

The tax cuts for jobs was bull and AT&T is proof positive of that. These companies will keep pushing until they have negative tax load and people are paying them to work at their company.


I mean, the whole point of megamergers is layoffs — sorry, “synergies”.


At some point within the next decade or two we need a UBI, period. Age discrimination in employment is fucking endemic right now but has been made so hard to prove that it’s done with impunity, at least in the US. If you’re over 50 and get laid off I hope you’re the entrepreneurial sort (and have the skills/resources/health to be your own boss) because otherwise you’re F’d in the A.


I don’t know. UBI is pushed by Silicon Valley and I am not convinced that they have our best interest at heart.


The clue is gonna be when they calculate the net amount of money spent on people is lower :) because healthcare, for example, is most expensive when people get old. Young people gonna be like wooohhh $10,000 USD UBI! and old people are just gonna have to die.


Well, it could be age-adjusted of course.


Or have a sane and comprehensive healthcare system.

Really UBI and healthcare should not be linked. If healthcare were a more rational system then you would not need to have UBI age indexed simply because older people spend more on healthcare.


This. The point about a public or publicly-funded health care system is that it should provide health care. Replacing it with a cash allowance is exactly what the people who want to kill it have been advocating for years. The allowance will never be enough, it will grow more slowly than costs rise; if anything, it will cause costs to rise.


Actually that’s a better solution, you’re right.