Tax Reform Under Trump 2017


Some genius animator should make some new ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ cartoons about how a bill becomes a law… 2017 GOP style.


haha, they’ll ban from school, say it doesn’t teach traditional values, also too much porn in there.


I think Nesrie and Timex just agreed on something. If they can do it, why can’t the GOP and Dems?


I live in Devin Nunes district, he is a GOP congressman. On the ride home last night I listened to the local conservative talk radio station, it is all local, and they were not happy with the changes in the tax code. If that group is turning against the “Tax Cut Bill” then you can bet other republicans in the state are.


I didn’t really read any of mine because of the time involved. Both my mortgage signings took place late in the afternoon, once with two babies crawling around on the floor of the Trust company. It is to me the worst damn experience of my life. You wait months for a house to finish and then they call you and tell you that you need to sign ASAP. Bastards.


It’s definitely not a good process. I suspect a number of people struggle even to read it when they do. I had previous versions so I looked up unfamiliar terms on the earlier version, which I read in depth, but I did review the ultimate, final version… just in case.


You might need a new Title company. When I bought my house (and the numerous times I refinanced), they showed me each document, explained what it was for, and gave me time to read it. I did skim many of them, but I at least looked at everything and read a lot of it. I never got a sense of impatience. It is their freakin’ job, after all.


You can certainly insist on changing the title company during negotiations but… it’s one of those things. After all that time would you want the deal to fall apart due to it? Did you get the house you want, now ask yourself, would you refuse to take it because the last step sucked?


Deficit and debt when it comes to tax cuts for rich people? Not remotely an issue.

Deficit and debt when it comes to cutting SS and Medicare? Super important.


Starve the beast to get rid of social programs has been the plan for some time now, hasn’t it?

I don’t see how they can do anything to Medicare. That will flip votes to the Democrats. Even Medicaid is difficult. Welfare less so but still not a slam-dunk.

Anyway, what deficit? I thought the tax cuts were supposed to turn the economy into a raging inferno?


Especially after Trump supporters realize that they themselves are the primary recipients of welfare.


I bought new homes from a developer, in both cases the Title Company was theirs. The problem with that kind of setup is that the developer has dates they need to hit to get money released and I think those are contingent on the paper work being done by a certain date. So they get a final inspection, a walk thru and boom, they want that paperwork done. As the homeowner it is really tough to be told if you don’t come in and do it now you will have to wait blah blah blah.

I have sold homes where they were handled easily and timely with no problems like what I have just described.


That is the choice, change the slices or grow the pie… problem is if we could just bake up a Costco sized pie at will we could do everything for everyone all the time, just add more flour.


Do they really want to try and touch Medicare during an election year?


They’re likely hoping people will forget by election time next year. Sadly, they’re likely correct.


Hell yeah, same here. Now I read fast, and can usually parse legalese, so it’s not like it took a long time. But there were certainly points I brought up during the process.

My wife did the same for most of it.


I doubt it. You’re talking about cutting Medicare in the same year as an election. Voters will remember.

We’re an aging population. Medicare and SS are huge issues. Most voters would probably be more amenable to paring back defense spending than cutting Medicare.


after the gop shutdown the government and national parks and almost didn’t mail out ss checks for no good reason at the cost of $28 billion to get nothing, they won huge the next year in elections,



My wife worked for Amazon in the cloud services group for a year. One of Her greatest desire is to see that company burn to the ground. People in many groups are treated extremely poorly, and many of her friends that have since moved on have something akin to ptsd.

Good to see yet more shitty things Amazon is doin exposed.