Tax Reform Under Trump 2017


As did a lot of the media and dismissed outlier polls


The thing that gets me, and makes me distrust polls, is that nothing sunk Trump whatsoever. The Hollywood Access tapes, his divorces, his alleged mistreatment of Ivanka, his bankruptcies, his promise and then refusal to release his taxes, and probably a dozen other deplorable things about the guy. A person like Trump should have had trouble getting 20% of the vote, much less what he got.

So I don’t think people are honest when replying to polls.


That’s not so much a reason to distrust polls as it is to distrust people.


People are what you’re polling, hence you distrust both.



How can they not know? What the hell have they been doing that last few months. This can’t be right.


Sure it can. No one read the bill before they voted on it, so surely they’ve been getting caught up on it since then, I’d reckon.


I didn’t read the bill either, but there were key known facts about it. They could have spent five minutes on twitter and knew the original bill had these things, and if they didn’t take it out, it’s still there.


@Nesrie 2018!

“She’ll Read the Bills!”


Well, they’re careerist ideological morons, in the main, so…


Heh,elementary school told me that was part of the job. If they don’t like midnight changes, after you spent all the time reading it and marking it up, I imagine you do what everyone else does with last minute changes, bitch about, bitch about it some more and then do your job anyway.

Our reps spend too much time fundraising. We need to get rid of that part. Everyone gets the same amount, no matter who you schmooze.


I suspect that what actually happened is that California House members just woke up to the fact that their constituents just woke up to the fact that this bill will raise their taxes. And they are shocked, shocked to find what the bill will do.


This is pretty likely.

They also could have been lied to by the leadership and since none of them read the bill and were just voting party line, when they started getting a lot of angry phone calls, they might have looked into it and realized what was happening.


Nah, they know their constituents are only the donor class. They don’t represent actual people from where they allegedly live…


I think that the main thing is that the random rank and file Republican Representatives are being 100% left out of the process by the leadership because the leadership knows that they are idiots who will fold along party lines. I absolutely can believe that they heard things about how it would be bad and McConnell and the lobbyists told them that everything would be perfectly exactly what they want. They aren’t drafting all these things in tiny secret groups just to keep the public in the dark, they are keeping their party in the dark too.

This is yet another reason why the Right’s idiotic populist idea of voting for “outsiders” is so self destructive, because not only do they pick idiots and bad people, they also elect people who have no idea how the political process works so they can’t actually impact anything on their own.


I am one of those annoying people who read everything I sign, not counting some clickthrough EULA’s since they won’t hold up in court anyway.

But I’ve had various folks at places like doctors’ offices, or whatever, give me things to sign… and sometimes seem annoyed that I actually read through them before signing. I just don’t sign shit without knowing what I’m signing.

So to me, the idea that legislators would vote on stuff without knowing what’s in it just blows my mind.


Welcome to the modern-day GOP apparently.


They tried to do this to me with my mortgage even. I had the three people at the table twiddling their thumbs and fidgeting as I read the entire thing at the table. It was strange that most people sign one of the most financially binding documents in their life without reading the final version they’re signing.

I also don’t read EULA for software… they’re bullshit documents that will change when some employee hiccups anyway.


LOL… the same thing happened with me. They plopped this big thing down, and I just started reading it. Some of the folks were like, “Uh… are you going to read the whole thing?” and I was like, “Yes. This is the most expensive thing I have ever purchased in my life.”

The one lawyer handling my closing was like, “More people should read stuff before they sign it. Take your time.”


They don’t have time for that, they need to raise money.