Tell me how to sharpen kitchen knives and what I need

Great deal on a great knife, don’t let the 10" intimidate you.

I have the 8". Can’t imagine needing the 10"

Need? No. Want? Yes. I’m so used to it that I would be annoyed losing 2" at this point, and the blade is just such a wonderful compromise between thickness and lightness, it’s a delight. Either way, you do you, I’m a pretty biggish guy and I find the 10" to be perfect. I have a 6" Wusthoff and it feels as heavy in the hand, and man I appreciate those extra inches, cue JMJ.

If I can’t entice with that deal, let me throw out another, this thing is fantasic. Less than a sawbuck, massive ceramic sharpening rod, I just put a razor edge back on my current Victorinox with it today:

Eight bucks, whaddayawant?

Edit: I went back through this entire thread, and have some funny observations. First that I started and ended (not that I intend to end here) with recommending that big ceramic stick for a quick and dirty touch up tool, it is still serving perfectly and brings my knives to razor. (They’re so cheap because they are offcuts from the power industry where ceramic rods are a thing.)

The second was that @Skipper figured out so much before I did, kudos to him. That Ken Onion Worksharp system is just incredible.

The last is just how much my impression of what sharp is has changed. It used to be shaving arm hairs, now it’s become dropping through a lime with no effort. One is fiddly, the other is super practical. Also I think I’ve learned to really appreciate the burr and understand how to use it as a guide.

I would love to take the credit but my boss had the original (just before the Ken Onion edition) and sang its praises to me. I followed suit. I went from a combination of stones, diamond plates and a fixed angle sharpener to just the belt system and I haven’t looked back. I could certainly got a glossy sharp look from some of my previous stuff but to do so takes a lot of time and effort not to mess things up. Instead I can sharpen most of the knives in my kitchen in 30 min.

I agree with you, I don’t chase super sharp for these kitchen knives anymore, rather, operationally sharp works perfectly, and I can top them all up in a month or two.

My test is being able to slice thin slices of tomatoes, because that’s the most delicate task I perform. Just a bit of top off seems to do the job. Last couple of times I sharpened I didn’t even change the belt, it was one of the finer ones (I don’t know the grade because I bought generic belts).

That’s about what my touch ups take. 2 belts total. We have 2-3 heavy use knives and I’ll use 3 belts on them sometimes but 2 on the rest. And I line the knives up and go down the line for the less fine belt, then again down the line on the fine belt.

The only work really are the knives with tall blades. I end up putting blue painters tape on them to keep the grit on the Worksharp blade guides from leaving a mark on them.