Tell me your favorite non-genre movies

The I’m Mad As Hell And I’m Not Going To Take It Any More genre. Which reminds me:


Also, you could probably put each of Scorsese’s movies from Mean Streets to After Hours in some kind of genre, and some aren’t contemporary, but I wouldn’t call any of them genre movies, so:

Mean Streets
Alice Doesn’t Live Here Any More
Taxi Driver
The King of Comedy
After Hours

Seems silly to leave off Raging Bull, but them’s the rules.

is Raging Bull a sports movie or a bio pic or is it a movie about a guy who is struggling with his life and his inner demons? Where Rocky (to me) is a sports movie, albeit a (very) good one, Raging Bull isn’t. Or Rocky isn’t, either. What do I know?

It is also not contemporary. I absolutely wouldn’t consider it a genre movie, but then it would never even occur to me to call Apocalypse Now one.