Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


I was following a fairly basic recipe for my first try, and that was how they said to do it. It was garlic + onions + ginger for a while, then the tomatoes were added later :)

I was afraid it wasn’t going to break down into a sauce but it turned out well in the end. I’m still getting used to adjusting spices with this sort of food. I made some basic chicken tikka masala last week and way overseasoned it, though not so much that it was inedible. This time I think I may have underseasoned just a bit. But it’s hard to tell if it needs more salt, or one of the other spices. Turmeric in particular is just weird. Lovely colors, but wtf does it taste like? Haha :)


Dumplings were nasty? They don’t seem too bad to me.


I made another round of pasta with chicken, mushrooms and red wine and pasta with brussel sprouts, balsamic and blue cheese this weekend and have now finished both. These are very very good combos.


Raw, it’s a little bitter and unpleasant, IMO, but when it hits the hot oil and fries for a bit, it develops a sort of. . . pungent sweetness? I dunno. It’s a little tough to describe. I do feel it easily overwhelms most other flavors, so I tend to use turmeric in moderation. Say, 1/2 a tsp for every 2 tsp of cumin and/or coriander. Just my taste, though.

It’s entirely possible I just don’t particularly care for dumplings, in retrospect. I hated the dish as a kid, but figured I’d try making it again now since my gf loves it.

She thought it was alright, but remembered the dumplings as having a firmer texture. She wonders if her mom didn’t just bake regular biscuits and then throw them into already-cooked chicken soup, they were so different from what I produced tonight.

Still, she likes it enough to finish most of the leftovers, so that’s good enough for me.


The dumplings I make are like very fluffy biscuits, not firm at all. The Emeril recipe above has the dumplings separate. You can always try them the next time you’re in the mood. Making the dough for the biscuits takes less than five minutes, including herb chopping.



I was wondering where the Emeril recipe I had open in a tab had come from (3 days is a long time in my Dumb-Brain), so I just kinda figured I must have come across it myself and discounted it, going for a sort of weird hybrid recipe of my own.

I’d totally forgotten you’d vouched for it personally, which actually changes the mental equation substantially for me.

Well, there’s always next time :(


Also tonight:

Miniature cranberry-orange loaves with roasted walnuts! Six for the other players in the game I’m GMing tomorrow, one for the lady friend and I… Unfair???


Heh, well I like playing with recipes but his has a different flavor profile. if you are looking for the fluffy kind of dumplings though, that’s what his has and the recipe/ingredients is a bit separate. You can always play with the herbs too. For some, those herbs might taste a bit earthy or like earth, but since you clearly cook, you can always add different flavors to your fluffy dumplings.


Potatoes. Baked potatoes. Not very interesting until this last time. I’ve read that you should pierce the potatoes before baking or they might explode. I sometimes do, and sometimes don’t. I have never had one explode until yesterday. Bang! What do you know, it’s true!


Haha. I’ve heard the steam escaping some of my potatoes in the past. I’ll pull them out and poke them some more just to be safe.


So did you wind up having mashed potatoes instead?



Nope. Just extra fluffy baked potatoes.


So where are the pics?


it didn’t even occur to me to take a picture at the time. Maybe I’ll live dangerously and bake some more unpoked potatoes.


If you don’t feel like waiting, just microwave the unpoked potatoes. This should significantly speed up the process.

Warning: Please do not microwave unpoked potatoes. Trust me.


You think that’s fine, try an egg, in the shell of course.

warning: don’t do this either.


I believe that even out of the shell, the white of a hard boiled egg can still capture steam inside the yolk and do bad stuff.


One egg? Try 173!

Don’t try 173.


Doggie approves.


That has to be fake. The cut between when they start the microwave and when it explodes is what has me convinced. But they would all explode individually, not as one massive boom like that. Still fun to watch though :)