Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Oh you are in for an absolute treat, then! Be sure to give it at least a couple of hours of uncovered roasting to crisp up that skin :-D

If you’ve got a probe, definitely keep an eye on internal temp. . . mine overcooked slightly, despite being a nearly 10lb behemoth, which reduced the tenderness from what it could have been :(


Plus I hear a shitload of Floridians live there.


The trouble with Scotland … IS THAT IT’S FULL OF SCOTS!



Oh, it takes good with some of the boil water drizzled over it. I drain it off into a separate bowl so it’s easier to serve.

This is also called a low-country boil (or something). My brother did one of those with crabs in the shell and it did look yummy.


Well I’ll be. I don’t reckon I’ve heard that phrase, Frogmore Stew, despite being a local yokel and having had low country boil many, many times.


Yeah, I’d exclusively heard low country boil up until this point. Huh!


The finished pernil. The skin darkened a bit more than I hoped but I taste tested it and its quite tasty. The flavors come through more than I expected, turning ordinary pork into a fiesta. Im letting it rest for a bit and then its time to have a tasty late lunch.


Serve with pickled red onions (super easy to make yourself) and arroz moro.

Really good with peruvian aji too.


Looks gorgeous, @rshetts! I envy you tonight :-D

Though I will be making one more Cuban sandwich for myself before my pernil’s remains are rendered unto the raccoons.

I did give away about 3lbs of meat to two friends as well. Damn that thing was fucking huge.


Why not freeze it?

Really good chopped up in hash too.


Eh, due to the aforementioned toughness and saltiness issues, I am content with what I’ve gotten out of it, but would really rather start fresh next time around and do better.


Potatoes in hash drink up a lot of salt, my main man. Few meals better than a plate of hash, crispy on the outside soft on the inside, with a couple fried eggs on top.

Trick is to use the store-bought frozen shredded potatoes. Sounds blasphemous but they come out great and are insanely easy. Stir em up with oil, green pepper, onion, and a ton of garlic and paprika. And the protein of your choice. Press down hard and leave it alone until a thick golden crust, then flip onto a plate and back in for the other side.


This much I absolutely agree with; I am confident no potatoes I ever shred myself will be half as good as the Ore Ida shreds at the supermarket.


You, sir, are a puzzlement.


You can make them yourself, but you need to peel and shred potatoes, rinse the shreds several times to get rid of the starch, then squeeze out all the water in a kitchen towel. It’s kind of a pain in the ass and the frozen ones are just as good. Some things aren’t worth making yourself. Puff pastry is another example of that.


This is true.

This is not.

I mean, sure, spuds aren’t truffles, but there are whole worlds of difference between God’s honest potatoes and the empty cellulose that Ore Ida grows in its denatured Idaho fertilome matrix.


Look at the ingredients list, they’re just potatoes and dextrose to prevent clumping. Nothing else.


My man! Love me some hash with over easy eggs. I’ll even eat gasp canned hash.

Great tip on the frozen shredded potatoes.


Again, there’s potatoes and potatoes. It’s like the difference between garden tomatoes and supermarket hydroponics. Maybe not as stark, but the same principle.

Mainly I was surprised by Armando’s notion that he couldn’t do better than Ore Ida. It’s totally doable!