Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


I have have numerous attempts following all the guidelines and tips. I’ve never have anything strictly better than the fancier brands of frozen ones. I have gotten close a couple of times, but the frustration / time waste factor is enormous.

I don’t make hash browns by themselves. They’re an accompaniment to a big weekend breakfast of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I ain’t got time for making the real thing.


Yeah I’ve done it too, and they were fine, just a pain in the ass and not noticeably better than the frozen stuff.


Yeah, there’s no denying the hassle.

Have you ever tried making latkes? They’re richer, and stand alone better, so you’re typically not juggling them with eight other things—which, yeah, is the other big PITA with hashbrowns.


Latkes are hashbrowns. There’s no difference, except they’re usually shaped in patties rather than covering an entire pan.


Just going to chime in that potatoes are potatoes, and I am fine with frozen potatoes. It’s not worth the hassle, and my bag of potatoes usually sprouts roots before I can even get through a few of them.


No, they’re similar, but latkes are fortified with egg and/or matzo meal, and usually incorporate additional seasonings.


Not the way my mom makes them (grey colored).

But yeah, now that you mention it she does crack in an egg and adds some flour. And no salt, because that’s unhealthy and makes them taste good.


They had it at work one time and I realized, Hey, I could probably make that! They called it Frogmore stew, probably to sound French and be more impressive. Anytime I mention it to folks back in Pennsylvania where I grew up they go, you mean like low country boil, which I had never heard of before.


Count me in the growing potato sprouts group as well. I always wonder, who eats those giant bags of potatoes?


I have finished a bag of potatoes greater than 3lbs exactly once in my life, and I was basically catering an event when I did so. Sprouting potatoes are my bane.


Related to that, though, I routinely finish bags of onions. Carrots, usually finished, celery, sometimes.

Perhaps I should do with potatoes what I do with those others, cut and freeze them.


So, my version of Steak Pizzaiola.

Sirloin tip, browned but left intentionally rare in the middl.

My home made sauce with oregano and a shot of vodka. Cooked down. That brown spot in the middle is the juice from the resting steak.

The steak slices in the sauce before simmering.

The final plate. With cauliflower and a grating of Grana Padano

Presentation needs more green. Sorry. Out of parsley. :)


I’d hit it.


No doubt. Wouldn’t even balk at the cauliflower.


I cooked up some chicken and veg and threw it in a bowl with some noodles and a puddle of peanut sauce.


One of my favorite meals right there. Looks great!


Two pork loin end roasts going into the sous vide today. I’ve not made this sous vide before but I’m shooting for 6-ish hours at around 140F.

Here’s hoping things come out well.


Chicken breast with thyme/salt/pepper, leeks with preserved lemon, roasted carrots with cumin,coriander, tumeric.


Sounds and looks fantastic, Jim! I especially love the plating.


Yet more evidence that all vegetables should be roasted.