Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


If you want to save time, microwave it 90% of the way and then toss in a 500F oven. It’s almost as good (but not quite).

I try to stay away from eating massive amounts of carbs, though, so I usually roast cauliflower instead. Cut it thin like cross-sections of a brain, coat in olive oil, salt, pepper, and sprinkle with pecorino. It gets crunchy like french fries!


Hahahah me too! Now I want a Burglar Salad. LOLOLOL


Take 185lbs Hamburgler, finely dice, and mix with 6 cups each parsley (chopped), cucumber (cubed), and cherry tomatoes (halved). Salt to taste (be careful here; the salt content in the Hamburgler’s body will be slowly drawn out into the salad, so it’s recommended you chill over night before seasoning).


So it’s a Nut Burglar dry brine then. Anything to draw the moisture out of there. I’m assuming a dusting of ground cheese to the consistency of talcum powder as a garnish?


Sous vide elk loin 130.5 for 3 hours, with some potatoes and carrots cooked in the air fryer setting of the toaster oven for 30 minutes at 400.


Looking good, man. Never had elk loin but certainly elk in other cuts. How is it?

I seared more pork this weekend with the searzall. Slowly getting better at using the thing.


Over the last couple of nights at home with family in TN, I cooked a bunch of Chinese food, because apparently the Chinese stuff I cook is dad’s favorite damned thing ever :)

Night one was spicy veggie lo mein with carrots, bell peppers, snow peas, onions, cabbage, and green onions, plus kung pao chicken with peppers, celery, and peanuts–still no actual szechuan peppercorns, sorry @Timex. Oh, and fried wonton strips.

Night two saw the addition of General Tso’s chicken, broccoli and pepper beef stir fry, fried rice, and crab rangoons. It was a fucking feast. Also a gigantic bitch to prepare, since mom also wanted to cook 2lbs of red beans into Cajun red beans and rice to freeze for the next couple of months till I visit again. And I’d made waffles that morning. . .

I am fucking exhausted, yo :)


You NEEED the peppercorns!


Agreed. Armando, PM me your address, I’ll send you some.

But that feast looks mighty awesome. I’m sure the family loved it, who wouldn’t???


I can buy them locally; I just always forget to when prepping the recipe. And in fairness, I think dad would have found the sensation really unpleasant/unexpected. He’s pretty tame in his food tastes.

Tonight was British fare again. I’m slowly honing my fish n chips with mushy peas to perfection :-D

(Plus SeriousEats’ take on Cajun Remoulade on the side :-D)


Now that’s what I’m talking about! I don’t think I’ve ever seen mushy peas in this country before.


Managed to make a pretty decent copycat Taco Bell chicken quesadilla :)


Makes amazing Mexican-style shredded chicken and sauce filling for hours.

Sees only cheese filling in final product.


He said Taco Bell style, so he was going for the authentic experience ;)


I’d hit it.
I like cheese.


Haha. The chicken is in there, I promise. Honestly I couldn’t get the cheese in the pic at all so when I finally got some to show I went for the pic :P


Why in the name of the daemon ur-Lord Beezelbuggerage would you try to replicate Taco Bell?


Man, the oldschool version of the beef-and-potato burrito, which was like $1, and still included chives I SUCK AND MEANT SCALLIONS before they did away with them because goddammit, is like crack-fucking-cocaine.

But I’m the weirdass that cooks all the gourmet-ass-lookin’ shit above and still prefers a McDonald’s hamburger 90% of the time so what do I know?


They were green onions, damn it. Not chives. But yes I still miss them. :( Especially on my nachos.