Temple of Elemental Evil--Troika

Ok, so I was reading through the Tolkien and CRPGs articles in CGM. At the end, Cindy Yans does a preview or whatever about a game being developed by Troika based on the original Greyhawk adventures, specifically the Temple of Elemental Evil. Has anyone heard anything about this game? This is the only place I have seen anything about it. The article said it would be turn-based (though I expect that will change to pausable-realtime like everything else!) and out late in 2003. I am pretty psyched, as I liked Arcanum, but thought it was a bit too easy/unbalanced. I love the nostalgia factor a game like this could bring.

Crap! I just found the other posting. I swear I looked for it first, but I missed it. Unfortunately, someone put it right in front of me. Why do you keep doing that?!

The funny thing is your thread title was, if you transpose a couple of words, nearly identical.

If anyone cares to see what it’s like, this scenario has already been a target of NWN modders:




(Caveat: I don’t think any of these are final, so they may be incomplete or broken. I haven’t tried them.)