Ten Crowns from Soren Johnson

Reading through the stuff for Humankind, it looks like at the start of each of six ages you pick one attribute from among ten. Each of those ten choices is labeled a civilization, so maybe the first time you pick Egypt, then the second time Rome, then the third time Russia.

But you are not changing from Egypt to Rome to Russia, you are adding attributes – six choices from ten options each time equals 1,000,000 possible combinations of attributes, which is what they are advertising.

Here’s Humankind discussion thread.

But then it still doesn’t make any sense for Egyptians to “evolve” into Vikings, does it?

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World had a system where (IIRC) you start of as the English and, when you aged up, you could form the United Kingdom, same with the Franks founding France, etc. That made historical sense at least.

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which sounds like so much marketing speak to me.

What are your starting combo possibilities?

edit: but 10 crowns still looks like good fun.

Not geographically, but I’m wondering if the game’s narrative shifts as new epochs occur, or something? Honestly that doesn’t appeal to me now that I type it up. I’d rather we just had a civ/faction or whatever to play from, but maybe they are going for a more “Egypt existed here, and now the Vikings exist, and you can’t keep playing Egypt because they are gone” type of approach. If that’s what they are doing.

Yeah, could be. Like switching point of view characters or something.

It’s not, but I’ll update the proper thread with the Polygon preview that has some details.

I’m really excited for any actual information about Ten Crowns. I’m ready for @SorenJohnson to begin some drip drip teases of the game.

I have now realized that 10 Crowns was announced more than 1.5 years ago, in February 2018. And we only had some concept art.

Also this podcast I just found:

Hope it’s all going well. I understand that the publisher had troubles and sold the rights to the game back to devs.

Anyone heard anything further about development on this one?

They sent out a call for alpha testers in november.


Ah, very cool. I really just wanted to hear that the issue with the publisher thing didn’t set them back or completely side track the development.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more news.

It’s interesting, because the issue really is how most people don’t notice that "1M possible combinations’, for something that it’s obtained through mix and match, it isn’t that much. One million is small potatoes, I think there has to be more starting combinations in Dominions 5 than atoms in the universe. 85 nations, 25 pretender choices on average, 3 awakening states, then hundreds of combinations on magical paths, hundreds of combinations of bless and hundreds of combinations of scales equals to… a fuck ton combinations?

Hadn’t seen this reported anywhere

Awesome news

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They’re neat avatars.

The avatars are cool, but I was really sharing it for the stealthy announcement of Early Access in April.