Ten great gifts for 2017 gamers

Any of these gifts are sure to please!

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Seems kind of sad that most of those are loot boxes.

:) Ahem… just busting your balls.

Oh, was that whole article a joke? You’re right, went right over my head.

Sorry about that Telefrog. You worked hard on that one!

I was reading #10 and preparing a comment about how much grind Animal Crossing Pocket was and how much I disagreed. And then I read #9.

I’m afraid in this day and age on the internet this joke will go over a lot of people’s heads. It looks like it’s a serious article. shudder


Made my day, well done

Number 1 killed me, that’s great stuff.

I’m waiting for someone to say something like “2,017 gamers? That’s a lot of gifts!”


I was a bit disappointed that this article wasn’t serious. I do have a gamer I need to get a gift for!

I actually had the same thought if I’m being honest, I would have liked some gift ideas for my son and his cousins.

Shouldn’t this have been listed before the due date for Secret Santa?

The least you could have done is tell me which is the best value.

Please, the bundle second to the most expensive is always the best value. Making it the most expensive would be too obvious.

See, in every loot box, you’re either going to get the most worthwhile item, or you’re not. There are only those two outcomes. They all have a fifty-fifty chance.

If someone gave me Magic The Gathering booster packs today, I’d be tickled pink. I haven’t played the physical card game in decades, but it would just make me smile, just saying.

Yeah, Magic is an awesome and enduring game, and seeing all those 4th Edition cards brought a smile to my face.

Well well well welly wellerston well, looks like a few folks need some sweet, delicious Star Wars Battlefront 2 crystals. Looks like I cornered the market on those a few weeks ago!

I’ve already seen this happen in F2P MMOs. Around Christmas time people (kids, I assumed) talked about how they would ask their parents and other relatives for game cards as presents, which they would redeem for cash shop currency and blow on whatever loot-box-type gambling system the game had.

At the time I thought that was the saddest Christmas present ever. The relatives probably didn’t even realize they were giving the equivalent of scratch-off lottery tickets as presents.

So I realize this was a joke article, but I can’t laugh at it.