Terraria (it's Minecraft, sideways)

Dominic White did another episode of his LP.

In these videos, I notice water is stagnant in Terraria. It seems to be generated when the world is built, and that’s it. It doesn’t appear to have any sources or sinks, so waterfalls aren’t possible.

True, but it doesn’t seem to make a significant difference on the gameplay.

I’m intrigued and would love to try it. My 13 year old twins (big Minecraft fans), started watching the Let’s Play videos and, by the second one, they were hooked and wanted in too.

The simple 2D graphics are appealing. So are the various rooms you can build and NPC’s you can seemingly get at your side.

I like the way water flows too. Though I hadn’t noticed the lack of flowing water. It’s true I would miss waterfalls and rivers.


This does look cool. Maybe with the advent of minecraft on the scene, people are taking the concept and making some new games with it. Ill definitely try this game when it is available.

It is 2D Minecraft with less nausea!!! Excellent.

Blue, the Terraria Production Assistant, joined Pbat in this video and answered a bunch of questions:

Minecraft + Cortex Command?

The only bad things seems to be that it doesnt give you the same scare as Minecraft does when night falls - otherwise, looks truly excellent!

Looks intriguing. Seems to have much more developed game in it than Minecraft (hopefully it will support mods too). I love Minecraft but many things in it aren’t that slick. Combat in Terraria looks much more fun and engaging while Minecraft combat is meh. Sucks they are showing a lot of the game and it seems like it is months from release still. I want to play already.

Some strong points:

  • The game is huge in size and complexity.
  • Playing is not pointless. The world is actively trying to kill you. Somewhere on the map the corruption is progressing.
  • You could expect different “biomes”, even different “cavern biomes”, the deeper you get, the crazier it get.
  • Music and sounds effects fit well with graphics and gameplay.
  • Coop and PvP.
  • Character progression separated from world progression. You can use your well equipped character in a new world, and you will get a different experience.


  • This thing probably will not release until july.
  • No linux server?, the game is programed un C# with XNA. Probably multiplayer will be more “frugal”, so some people will get frustrated fowarding ports. The usual.
  • Being cheap ($5 to $20) means a lot of very young people will play the game.

Perhaps, but a Qt3 server is probably inevitable.

May to July release date, they’re currently talking to a digital distributer they can’t talk about and the game is ready to release they just need a backend for it. Though while releaseable it doesn’t mean they are ready to let it out of the oven.

Also no mod support planned yet, switchable textures sometime after release and then depending on the fan base and their demands they’ll look into mod support.

That’s what I’ve got from their last 2 interviews anyway.

It would be nice for it to be on Steam. Id buy it the moment it came out.

Price and age of playerbase have no correlation. Plus, the idiots that ruin games tend to be adults, not kids.

Good point. If anything, though, ‘free’ draws in the very young people. Even a $0.01 pricetag serves as a kiddie barrier, because now they have to tug on mom’s sleeve for her credit card.

I’m not sure I fully understand the comments about this looking better than Minecraft from some very limited videos honestly.

I think it looks very interesting for sure, but it doesn’t really get me all hyped up as of yet.

The Yogscast guys have been playing this a bit and to be honest it looks a little frustrating, like it should have been named Infinite Slime Attacks instead.

Yeah, the non-stop slimes I see on this video and others would get old pretty fast. In one way you need them to make torches, in another way its just very annoying to constantly deal with them.

While I appreciate that they want to keep the heat on you while you’re away from home, they really do need to make more types of trash mobs, yeah.