Text message spam?

Anyone notice this is getting worse and worse? I’m getting spam from some bogus investment company in the UK (supposedly) on the order of one message every few hours, morning and night. Plus porn, which I’m normally not, y’know, opposed to…but it does make for some interesting quick explaining to the S.O.

I’m ready to just shut off texting altogether…but every now and then it does come in handy, so there must be some filtering solutions, yes? The only other option is tracking these fuckers down and administering some Rambo-style justice, which just seems really impractical.

I’ll commit $5 to the Rambo-style justice fund.

Yes. Unfortunately younger chicks text all the time, so I can’t turn it off. I think it’s a generational thing, from texting each other “the teacher is fat” and “billy likes you” when they were in highschool or something. I don’t understand it, why not just call? Anyway, I digress. Yes spam sucks.

Texting isn’t really a generational thing, I text all the time. It’s less noisy and intrusive on other people than calling and yapping on the phone.

Text spam sucks though, especially if you’re paying for messages. I think my mobile provider filters it out, luckily.

Are you under 25 and/or have more than one X chromosome?

backing stusser on the “young chicks like to text” thing. but i can relate, as i prefer to send a pm or an icq rather than send voice mail. same on xbox live, i’d rather send text message using the usb keyboard rather than leave a voicemail through my headset.

I don’t understand it, why not just call?

Because it’s quicker and cheaper to text “in the pub, see you at 8” than it is to phone it, plus if it involves the S.O, it normally saves me half an hour of phone time on things I never knew needed discussing.

I don’t use that many though, I’ve only exceeded my 200 a month bundle once which is considered low-normal use here.

Call your provider and complain:
In most cases it’s illegal:

Well, I filed a complaint with the FTC. I have zero expectations, but at least I feel better. It’s a .uk address, so they probably don’t even have jurisdiction. But it’s clearly some ridiculous pump & dump scheme, so maybe they’ll check it out.

The only time I really use it is when I’ve been at a bar or am otherwise unable to come home and don’t want to wake everyone (plus wanting to avoid the dreaded “tone of disapproval”.)

I work on the phone, so I can’t have my cell up to my other ear all day.

I hate these, because they want you to send a text message back just to opt out of their bullshit (which you never should be receiving in the first place). Text messages cost money, dammit. It’s almost enough to make me think it’s being propagated by the cell companies.