Text output of mp3 folder contents

For inventory purposes (ahem) I need a simple way to output text versions of folder contents. If it’s already artist/album/tracks as per itunes then how can I easily turn that into a big text file that contains all of that info in reasonable formatting? Bonus points if it can include file size/length/bitrate…but not necessary.

As in:



Or am I stuck retyping that stuff? Any ideas?

You can list the hierarchal organization of folders and files using the TREE command. Like most commands, it usually spits the output to the display. But you can use a redirect to file ‘>’ to write it out to a file.

Open a command window, then at the > prompt type:

TREE "c:\myMusic" /F > c:\myMusic.txt

where c:\myMusic is the drive and folder containing your mp3s.

Probably some app out there that may do the smae thing, but this is something quick and easy you can do to get immediate results.

Doesn’t Winamp do something like this?

On the playlist, there is a Misc. button. Go Misc. > Misc Options > Generate HTML Playlist.

Edit: Roger’s way may be closer to what you want.

Thanks a lot guys. I think Roger’s was what I was looking for, I just couldn’t figure out how to get there from cmd.