Thailand: Fight your way out of prison, now with tranvestite ring girls

gotta love thailand weirdness:
"Siriporn’s sparring partners also watched the fight, while transvestites in high heels and skimpy outfits were allowed out of their cells to parade around the ring with placards at the beginning of each round. "

That’s actually a pretty cool story.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been turned into a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie already. It sounds like a very hollywood plot.

I think this is where the plot of Prison Break is going, at least from what I saw in the season finale.


Hey , it seems that Prison Fight sport program still going well so long time,
This whole idea is quite unique for me as a fan of martial arts . They have many publications and documentary movies right now . I really wish to watch more that kind of movies in future , with real live story , I truley recomend everybody not only sport fans ;-)

Siriporn. A boxer or iOS Rule 34?