Thanks, Qt3!

For another year of hilarity, time wasted at work, and posts like this, in a thread titled “Ensemble Studios, Passing of a Titan”:

So good year, everyone. Keep it up. Here is a reward:


and another:

My eternal favorite

I was unaware that laughing babies were such an attraction on Youtube. 69 million views?

Get a baby to laugh at a sneezing panda while ghost riding the whip and you’ve got the best video this side of Star Wars kid’s video response to seeing 2girls1cup while the Naruto theme song plays.

I’d like to thank the Lowest Common Denominator for giving Everything Else a fighting chance at unseating perennial champ P&R for the crown of Shittiest Qt3 Forum. TOGETHER, WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Mmm, I think a real YouTube video would take scenes from Naruto and put them to Linkin Park.

Q: How many hits would that video get?
A: IT’S OVER 9000!!!

Awww, somebody needs to get Bill some waders for Christmas.


I don’t know what this means. Is this banber slang?

I feel like I need to make some sort acceptance speech for receiving the coveted DoomMunky Award for Special Achievement in Posting. I think that I would most like to thank God and Bill D., which I suppose is redundant. I would also like to thank Tom and rest of Cutie3, because without all of you, none of this would have been possible.

Now where’s my statue of a nude Sol Invictus?









Is Bill serious? I mean, is this just an in-joke between long-standing members that I’m too green to get, or is it, ya know, uh…real?

Why would you ask either way?

Goes to look at Everything Else page 2 and sees “Friday Gags” thread


You know waders, since you have to wade through so much shit round here.

Heh. Ahh, nevermind.

Eh, I’ve decided to embrace the idiocy. Sort of.