That New Transformers cartoon

Um, yeah, but no thanks.

You know, my kid was watching a couple of episodes of Transformers Cybertron, and it’s not like the previous Transformers cartoons were high art or classic SF.

This one’s just a new style of crappy.

It’s written for seven year olds.

Are you a seven year old?
Then its NOT FOR YOU.

Seems fine for a younger audience, if a bit stylistically overwrought. At least it looks better than the original cartoons, which were really terrible.

  • Alan

How many times have they tried to bring back the Transformers? Remember the one where Megatron transformed into a giant hand, and the Autobots used the super highway to move around?

Teen Titans seems to be a pretty good example of how you can write cartoons for young kids that adults won’t loathe.

At first, I didn’t like it because of the designs. However, once Starscream appeared, and it became clear that the over stylized design actually allows him to sneer with even more malicious arrogance than in the original show, all was forgiven.

My favorite part was where the audience started laughing at how bad it was.

Looks pretty good, IMO. Way better than the old shit we all watched.

It’s really quite sad that a room full of adults cheered when a talking robot dinosaur appeared in the preview video of a children’s’ cartoon.

I’m looking forward to it.

I found out at the con that this is actually from my old Boss’ new production company. He was responsible for the new Teen Titans, Ben 10, and JLU, so he’s got a great track record. It actually looks kind of cool to me.