The 2024 20:20 Frame Game



I cheated. Never heard of it. But now that I have I suspect I know why you picked it.

That’s gotta be Death Game. Sondra Locke in the bowtie is pretty unforgettable.

Yes. The movie Knock Knock knocked off. The script that turned into Death Game floated around for a few years and during that time a softcore porn version was made called Little Miss Innocence (aka Teenage Innocence). Then Death Game came out in 1977. Then 10 years later a hardcore porn version of Little Miss Innocence was released. And finally in 2015 we got Knock Knock. The fact that that Eli Roth movie works at all makes a lot more sense when you consider that he remade a weird little horror movie and stumbled upon Ana de Armas in her first American film.

In Death Game the role of Keanu Reeves is played by Max Fischer’s dad. Terrorizing him are the above mentioned Sondra Locke, and Colleen Camp of The Swinging Cheerleaders fame. I had never heard of Locke and thought she was a lot of fun in this movie. But then I was bummed to find out that I’d have to watch a bunch of Clint Eastwood movies if I wanted to see more of her.

I think I ultimately prefer Knock Knock to Death Game, but the remake doesn’t have a song as great as Good Old Dad:


@charmtrap, come in out of the rain

Yeah, and you did Knock Knock sometime previous. I tried to watch it (I don’t remember why, but very possibly because you posted it in this game), but didn’t even get halfway through. It is just super-duper cringey, with the girls all wet from the rain and constantly talking about sex and Keanu trying to pretend he doesn’t notice.

New 20 here

Showing Up?

Yes it is Showing Up, Kelly Reichardt’s lovely and fairly light movie about the occasional travails and minor difficulties of getting art made. Michelle Williams is unsurprisingly good, as is a Andre Benjamin in a small role. In a great year for film, IMO, I think this was my favorite.

It’s your turn, @crispywebb!

Darn you, @charmtrap! You put the cheese on the table and I made a meal out of it. I finally hunkered down and watched Showing Up and now I need to retool my top ten list.

New frames later, after Assassin’s Creed Valhalla finishes downloading.

150 gigabytes later, the 2020:

Random guess: Cemetary Man, aka Dellamore Dellamorte?

Not quite. 4040:

Fingers on your buzzers…the 6060:

Catch Me If You Can?

New Rose Hotel?

No correct guesses yet.


The final frame doesn’t add any new information. I’ll begin again tonight if no one gets this.


Comfort of Strangers?