The 2024 20:20 Frame Game

New year, new thread!

Game rules:
Posting: On your turn, select a movie and check to see that it hasn’t been done before. Post a frame from the movie when you pause it at the 20:20 mark. Wait for at least 24 hours, but you can shave 4 or so hours off that if you get a few guesses. Then post a frame from 40:40 and wait again. Continue for 60:60, 80:80, 100:100, etc. If nobody can guess your movie, you lose and must post again.

Guessing: Use only what’s in your mind (don’t Google it). You get one guess per frame, and if you want to guess again, you’ll have to wait until the next frame gets posted. If you guess the movie, it’s your turn to post.

List of movies

And a new 20 after my ignonimious loss…


Funny Girl?

Yes it is Funny Girl. @matttutor takes the first 20 of the year.

All yours!

Her skin is like butta! I’m all ferklempt! Discuss among yourselves.

OK, let’s take this in a different direction…

A new 20:20 appears:

Whoever that is creeping behind the curtain freaked me out when I noticed it. Kinda looks like Elle Fanning?

Oh geez. I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out.

No guesses. Doubtful this helps anyone - the 40!

I’m trying to think of what David Lynch film this might be, what with the red curtains and weird ladies hiding under sheets.

I’ll take a wild swing and say Insidious: The Red Door.

This is not that - just learned that was patrick wilsons directorial debut … huh!

It’s gotta be Twixt. I didn’t wanna hafta get screenshots, but I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

Ding ding winner! Screens to come tomorrow

As always, impressed with the cinematic knowledge of the group here…

The 60 (just missed our ‘hero’ in focus)

The 80 (oh, there he is! I thought might need to get to this frame for a winner, but alas, underestimated!)

Twixt is the most recent film from Francis Ford Coppola and, like basically every one of his movies since … 1992’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula, it is a … movie. What can you say? This ain’t The Godfather, but maybe those expectations are unfair… and it has been 45 years ! since Apocalypse Now so… ? This was the film that was supposed to be “live-edited” by Coppola himself as he toured the movie around the country… alas, just became this and apparently a re-edited and restored version called B’Twixt Now and Sunrise

Some other random frames

I’m finding that the old method of using Firefox to get screenshots isn’t working anymore. I’ve tried all of these sites without success: Netflix, Kanopy, AMC+, Criterion Channel, Vudu. At the very least Netflix always seemed to work but now all I get is a black screen. Using Edge didn’t work either. I’d use a blu ray I own but VLC can’t play most of them. Any ideas?

Turn off Hardware Acceleration in the settings on Firefox.

And also then restart the browser, dummy! (dummy being me)

Unhelpful 2020:


The Deer Hunter?