The Aesthetics of the Maximo games

I really like the look of the Maximo games, especially the second one. There was something about running around with those burning barns and such and the little gypsy looking villages. Anyway, are there other games that have a similar feel to them? The first Kingdom Hearts is kind of similar in the Halloweentown area. I haven’t played the second one yet. But I’m looking for a game with that feel to it. It’s hard to explain it, but perhaps those who have played these games will know what I’m talking about.

Ghouls and ghosts and ghosts and goblins?


Well, there’s Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts…

edit: mind meld

Maybe, but aren’t those 2d? And do they really have the same aesthetics, just because they share inspiration?

The aesthetics are similar, yea. Also if you have a PSP, UGnG came out today (yay!).

The closest thing I would say is the old Medievil games on the PSX, but those have sadly not received an update.

Maximo makes me sad, because that slightly tilted camera makes me sick. I love the games, though.

Same universe and characters arent they? Arthur is like maximo’s ancestor or they are the same guy or something.

They don’t just share inspiration. They’re the same damn series of games!

Have you ever played Medieval? It’s a 3D platform game with a similar Halloweenish atmosphere. You star as a skeleton knight in a world of witches and dark goblin and ghosties. They were games released later in the PSX’s lifespan by Sony European developers and they are both really lovely games, that I’m sure have only a little luster taken away from simply having their ideas more present in this generation. Both Medieval and Medieval 2 are highly recommended, but the PSP game’s not quite on the same pedestal, so be careful if you decide to go that route.

Also, besides Ghouls & Ghosts/Ghosts & Goblins, there is a spin-off Capcom series called Gargoyle’s Quest that stars the red demon known Red Arremer. The first is for the Gameboy (yep, the old black and white one), the second is for the NES/Famicom, and the third, which is called Demon’s Crest/Demon’s Blazon, is absolutely, earth-shakingly awesome and is for the SNES/SFC. You’ve got to check it out if you’re into retro games at all.

Other than that Capcom actually released Nightmare Before Christmas games for the PS2 and GBA. They didn’t get reviewed well, but I thought the PS2 game was a passably fun DMC action game and the GBA one likewise, but more in the vein of the Castlevania/Metroid titles.

For an RPG that’s in the light-hearted, spooky vein, try Okage: Shadow King (or the much better Japanese name The Devil & Me). It’s a delightfully Tim Burton, halloweenish world with a great, unique look and style. It’s rather on the unremarkable side with respect to mechanics, so you better like traditional RPG systems, but it uses them pretty well and is amusing throughout.

And if you live in Europe or don’t mind importing, Gregory Horror Show, baby. And yes, Japanese TV IS just like that.


I would also suggest the two older Gauntlet console games: Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Fun romps through a medieval Halloween world, nice level design with lots of small puzzles. Stay away from the last Gauntlet game (Seven Sorrows), they went for a more realistic look with larger worlds and the result was terrible.

Medievil gets another recommendation. I did not enjoy the second as much, the Victorian theme was not as endearing as the total chaos in the first. Yes, it is spelled Medievil. Interestingly, it was in the Guiness Book of Records for having the best graphics [FMV, I think] at the time, in 1998. Barely into the PSOne lifecycle, then.

Gregory Horror Show is good, but utterly odd, and incredibly disturbing for it’s aesthetic. I still hate Catherine and her giant needle.

Isn’t there a newer Medievil on PSP?

I haven’t played Maximo, but from what I’ve seen of screenshots and what-not, it seems like maybe Death Jr. is in the same vein.

Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I think there is the same old one on the psp actually. maybe a couple new levels.

I actually never played the Medieval games, so I may pick the first one up. Isn’t there a PC game with the same name, one that is completely different though?

No PC Medievil [look at the pun, friends].

The PSP Medievil is the same as the original Medievil, but the first was brilliant. It is worth buying and then playing with texture smoothing on [emulator or PS2], as I hear the PSP port is not particularly good.

I hate having a broken keyboard. My parenthesis keys are broken.

I remember reading that the new medievil I think is a sorta remake of the first 2. I know there are more levels to it, but don’t remember if it includes any from the sequel.

I have fond memories of medievil one, especially the animation of the hero walking around and swinging the sword violentily. For me, I enjoyed Maximo 1 more then the 2nd one, which I’m not sure why because the first one is extremely hard.

Oh and thank you Kitsune for reminding me about gargoyles’s quest. I remember owning the nes one (never knew the first one was the game boy), and I still have demon’s crest around, which is one of my favorite snes games. What is gregory’s horror show? The name sound familar but I don’t remember it.

There’s also the great SNES classic Zombie Ate My Neighbors, and even Grabbed by the Ghoulies. GbtG was pretty disdained, but I dunno, I played the demo and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Those are both more lighthearted than Maximo/GnG/etc. but they have a Halloweeny feel.