The All New and Exciting 2014 Game Frame Game!

It’s none of those.

Frame 2:

Borderlands 2?

Homeworld Remastered?

Wipeout HD

(edited, brain fart, originally said “Wipeout XL” but I meant the PS3 game which is Wipeout HD)

Too bad we don’t have a running list of games that have been done before but I’m gonna say Space Rangers 2.

Ugh… you guys and your microfiche screenshots.


Sin and Punishment?


I love the screenshot utility in this game.

That was impressive. Some day someone will post a single pixel here and someone else here will know which game it is by the hue of the pixel. ;)

Huzzah! I should have a frame up in a couple hours.

Couple hours. <cough/>

Yeah I know. Sorry, evening didn’t go as planned. Stay tuned, I already have the frame picked out, just need to black it out and upload it.

No need to be sorry. I just wanted to say something other than “bump”. ;)

Okay, I think I might be terrible at cropping these in a logical progression, but maybe it will go quickly.

Cooking Mama?


A remake of Maniac Mansion?