The All New and Exciting 2014 Game Frame Game!

Same here. I don’t find that depressing though. Just the way things are. If I live long enough, I’ll catch up when I’m 80 and retired.

Samesies, I only picked it up because of how often its praises were sung here. It’s on my list to play on Christmas vacation.

I didn’t get it until sharaleo give the hint that it was real big, then I realized I was about 90 minutes too late.

Is there any rule of what game can be picked? I certainly know I’ve seen much more (polular or well reviewed) movies than I’ve played (popular of well reviewed) games.

I love the idea, BTW (even if when I tried the 20:20 game I forgot about it because big RL troubles and just found out the thread moved without me…)

Sounds fun. Like Juan, are we limited in scope on picks? Can I pick something from 1985? :)

Pick a screenshot from Zork. The first image would just be a black screen ;)

This is going to be the most amusing part of this game.

Nope, no hard and fast rule on selection, it can be anything you want!

Keep in mind that the goal is to have fun, not necessarily to stump everyone with that never released outside of Japan, obscure, vintage JRPG.

Though you may be surprised when somebody gets it, going on the Movie thread.

Like in the movie thread, do we have to wait for people? ;)

Only Giaddon, we are always waiting on him in our Solium Infernum game as well!

C’mon Giaddon!!


So he’s quick enough to get his guess in seconds, SECONDS, before mine, but not fast enough to get a new post in? I tell you, madness.

Give him a break. This is all new to us. He’ll have to fire up the game he wants to capture, play through to the part he wants to take a screenshot of, maybe a bunch of screenshots and then choose one where he can find a good place to chop it up so that more and more is revealed at each stage. Sounds hard to me! Take your time Giaddon. But if you pick a moment from the middle of an epically long game, be sure to search for save games online.

Ha, I wasn’t intending to give him a hard time. Just some good natured ribbing. But text online is hard, so if it wasn’t clear before I was joking. Next time I’ll put this after my jokes ;)

I was thinking after my horrible guess that I sure hope it wasn’t right as I was stuck at work with no way to really get a new frame up. I was scouring my HD for old screenshots, but most wouldn’t have worked out too well.

It would be cool if people could have one mostly ready when they guess so the game can keep active, but it is early and it may be much harder than it looks to come up with a good frame.

Hey peeps, you gotta choose a game, take a shot, make the frames… not easy to do on a workday!

Good luck ye all. I’m doing it a little different than sharaleo. Full image, rather than snippets. The visible portion will increase over time.

Gunpoint? Really not sure, but it seems stylized that way.

It reminds me a little bit of the kind of things you find on the wall in Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. But my guess based on that image would be Arkham Asylum.

Half life?

No one correct so far…

Blade Runner?