The All New and Exciting 2014 Game Frame Game!

Gemini Rue?

A little more…

Inadvertently got into the Photobucket folder while trying to enlarge the image so I’ll keep my mouth shut, but there’s enough in the image now to figure it out.

Metro 2033?

At first I was thinking Human Revolution, but closer inspection of the signs and I’m thinking Alien: Isolation?

CraigM got it!

Alright, here is the first picture

Have fun!


Children of the Nile?

So I put the wrong picture up at first. I meant to put one of just the sun, and the pyramids up second. This because I fear the next image I post will be a pretty big giveaway for anyone who has played this game. Oh well. Yes this one was a bit of a deliberate red herring, but wanted to make it interesting.

Anyhow here is the larger picture from one of my favorite games. Coincidentally it was a close choice between this and another game I wanted to pick. I couldn’t quite get the shot I wanted, so instead I played an hour or so of this game to get the shot I wanted. The final image came out pretty good IMO.

Someone will probably get this one, if not almost certainly on the next reveal.

Rome II?

That would have been my guess, had you not beaten me to it.

Well keep guessing then, if nobody has it by the morning I’ll post the next pic.

I know the answer! I will not guess, because I already won one… but I know it! :D

Well here is the next one, and I’m almost certain this will get deciphered.

I honestly have no clue. Maybe it’s a Paradox game, I’ve never seen one of those. It still looks like it could be one of Total War series. But I’ve never played any of those either.

Empire: Total War. I almost guessed that last night after someone guessed Rome. Napoleon in Egypt and all that. But I’ve never played the game.

EDIT: I guess maybe I should say “Napoleon: Total War”?

I think Nightguant must have it, despite taking two guesses in one! :)

Excellent pic, though.

Yeah, sorry, that was a little shitty of me. I honestly thought Napoleon was an expansion…

Nightgaunt gets it, indeed it is Napoleon: Total War. Probably my favorite game in the series.

Full pic

So since I wanted to do this game, I wanted to set up a unique shot from it. The Pyramids seemed like a great way to do it, and there is even an historical battle set there! Problem was I hadn’t done any of the individual battles, only a few campaigns, so it wasn’t unlocked. So I had to play through the two battles before to unlock the one I wanted, I know, poor me having to play one of my 5 favorite games.

Anyhow I really liked the shot with the cannons. I love to just zoom in and watch them normally.

Nightgaunt the floor is yours.