The All-Purpose Tapir Thread

Put 'em on the glass.

Let’s start this one off right:

I know you guys think this is har har so funny, but I’m not really proud of the fact that certain people on this forum lack the social skills to avoid offensive language in a public setting, even when asked by the host to refrain. Because that’s exactly what I’m reminded when you guys make your tapir jokes.


Since the 94.198283 patch, it takes a lot more grinding to level up social skills. Just because you got to E-Z Mode it up doesn’t mean the rest of us can!

You should probably have done the word replacement as ***'s instead of Tapir then, huh? You have apparently forgotten how childish people here are about meme’s.

And apostrophe’s.

Uhm… is the tapir meme actually part of some euphemism? Cause i just like tapirs.

I get this somewhat. But on the other hand I would never use the word tapir replaced in a sentence, but find the occasional QT3 tapir reference funny, as I do most of the memes around here.

And you did cause this by replacing that word with an inherently fun word instead of just **** or <STOP IT! or you will be gently touched>.

If it wasn’t for Tom’s vague censorship, most of us wouldn’t know how cool the animal he chose as a replacement is. Thanks, Tom!

I like these better. Thank you, Kevin Smith!

Fuck you FoRmAt, get that half breed out of here.

Man, wait until he finds out Dirt was banned!

Fun facts about tapirs!
Tapirs are shaped like pigs, but related to horses and rhinos.

Tapirs are land animals, but enjoy being in the water.

Baby tapirs have exotic striped patterns. The patterns as babies look nothing like the patterns of adults.

Tapirs, who are normally docile, can attack. A zoo keeper in Oklahoma had an arm severed by a tapir when she came too close to the tapir’s young.

In some areas of Japanese culture it is believed that a tapir can eat a person’s dreams.

When you filtered the word to be replaced by one of the funniest names in the animal kingdom, did you seriously not think this is what was going to happen? The only way you could have encouraged this kind of thing more would have been to replace the word with “weasel.”

My suggestion is to replace the offending word with something dull and forgettable. We can then enjoy the tapir without restraint, to the delight of one and all.

Wait, what?

I want my yenta thread back!!!