The Analog Antiquarian - Essays on Human Achievements


Jimmy Maher went from being a fan and author of text adventures, to chronicling the history of them, to expanding his scope to a chronological history of all computer games and the hardware they run on. He calls that project The Digital Antiquarian. You should check it out if you’re not familiar with it. He’s both an excellent researcher and a talented writer of digestible long articles.

He just started a new history project, inspired at first by his long series of articles on Sid Meier’s Civilization. He’s a touch vague about what exactly it’s going to cover, but he’s starting with the Pyramids of Giza and probably many of the other Wonders found in Civ. It’s called The Analog Antiquarian.

Here’s that first article on The Pyramids.


Yeah, every once in awhile I check in on Maher’s project and read a few entries at random. This is grubby history: backdealing, oddballs, freaks, grifters, the sweat and stink and greenish light of a CRT monitor.